Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A First Entry, A Beginning......

Cool Tropical Jazz

This is all so new to me. Blogs, web stuff, CDs, granddaughters. This year has just been full of new stuff. A first granddaughter McKenzie who is soooooo cute and just puts a smile on my face that is as wide as the Pacific Ocean!!!! Grandma's life though has changed the most. Blogs & web pages?? Learning new stuff just scrambles my brain cells, but hey, "gotta try, never know".

So the question I pose to myself is this. Why a web page or a blog with the name "Cool Tropical Jazz"? Like so many things the name came up while my associate and me were just chewing the fat. I was listening to the first CD of my good friend and classmate Aaron Aranita and was just getting into the cool sounding songs he was playing. I had listened to his second CD and found that his first one was more true to what Aaron was all about. Pretty cool stuff. Listening to Aaron's music gave me a tropical jazz feeling. Wala!!! Cool Tropical Jazz!!! So there, just something that just came up. The next question. Why do a blog or webpage with this title? Well, I just thought it would be neat to put something together for fun about music in general, slanted maybe to a little jazz, that was cool, plus anything else out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that may be pretty cool in itself.

Anyway, just a first entry, just a beginning of who knows what. And for anyone who reads this, Aloha from paradise and God bless!!!!!

Oh the picture at the top??? Worship at New Hope Leeward.....pretty cooool!!!!



Anonymous Reggieman said...

It's cool, It's cool.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Jim Panko said...

It's only the beginning
It's only the beginning

8:19 PM  

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