Saturday, August 27, 2005

Put this date on your calender.....

............Sunday, November 20, 2005.....A Cool Tropical Jazz Nite at New Hope Leeward....

I was talking to my friend yesterday and he let me listen to the horn arrangement for my song "Amazing Grace". All I could say was, "Wow"!! Aaron's writing out the horn section charts so that Greenwood, the band I was a part of for many years, will be able to perform songs from my debut CD live. This past week the lyrics and chords to songs from my CD "Revelations" was emailed to my bandmates in Greenwood in preparation for practice for "A Cool Tropical Jazz Nite at New Hope Leeward". I can't wait to see how the songs are gonna sound live, it should be cool!!!!

We're still trying to firm up the lineup for the November 20th date. At this moment it will be Greenwood performing songs from "Revelations" and Aaron Aranita with his
All-Star Jazz Ensemble performing songs from his current CD release "Don't Stop the Feeling". Kirk Thompson of Kalapana & Lemuria fame as well as a few surprise guests may be a part of this also. It's gonna be exciting and very, very cool. Put that date on your calender!!!


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