Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ticket sales begin March 1, 2007........

Just received the latest update on the 70's Nightclub Reunion III from our bandleader Robin. I think everyone was really looking forward to having the event at the Ilikai once again because of the large seating capacity, but things happen that are out of everyone's control. The good thing about the Ala Moana Hotel is the parking. Last year people were parking at places like the Hilton and walking all the way to the Ilikai. Parking will be much, much better.
Will have an update on where to park later but for now just wanted to stress the very limited seats that will be available. Once the tickets in the ballroom are sold out there will only be overflow seating available in the adjacent room and standing room as well. There will be widescreens available to let you watch the bands as they play but it's just not the same as being there in the flesh. Don't wait too long on this as seating will be very, very limited. Last year Phase VII was the group I was really looking forward to see, this year as Miles our trumpet player & horn section leader so aptly put it, "I'm really looking forward to seeing White Light again". You took the words out of my mouth Miles. It's gonna be a real cool evening at the Ala Moana Hotel come Saturday, May 5, 2007.


Just a heads up. As of yesterday, over 100 seats have been reserved for our events as people have started to call in their reservations to Candy. As you know, ticket sales officially start on March 1, Thursday. If you have any reservations that you need to call in, please do so now to Candy (before Thursday). We allowed 2 months for ticket sales but at this rate it doesn’t look like we’ll have anything left after a few weeks! People are buying multiple tables as they did last year.




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