Wednesday, June 13, 2007

About them dancing shoes

If once a year is just not quite enough then do we have a place for you. Hawaii '72 will officially have it's 35th reunion at the Marriot Hotel in Waikiki on Saturday, June 30, 2007 and guess what? You're all invited!!! You're all invited to crash this reunion bash. Whether you graduated 35 year or 3.5 years ago or went to public or private school, you're all invited.

Check out the Hawaii '72 link on this page for all the details, but here's a bit of what you can expect: 1. A buffet fit for a king, his queen and the whole family; 2. Ben Vegas & Maila Gibson, perhaps Hawaii's premiere duos; 3. The Soulz providing dinner music as you partake of the spread worthy of royalty; 4. Music entertainment by Hawaii's favorite, A Touch of Gold; and finally to close out the evening, 5. Greenwood for your dancing pleasure.

It's gonna be a real cool evening in paradise for sure!!


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