Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The SOS LV with Jasmine Trias and

for a week, Dwayne Higa. I've had the pleasure to have known Dwayne since the 70's while playing with Greenwood, and playing with the SOS LV for a week is a nice feather to add to his cap. Dwayne is one of our bands most talented members playing keyboards, bass as well as singing and putting together our vocal arrangements. In addition to that Dwayne also played trumpet at one time, and if I remember correctly he bought my Bach Stradivarious trumpet that I had bought from Sounds of Innocence bandleader Wesley Kira many, many moons ago.
Here's a little information passed on via email by Dwayne:

Aloha! I will be subbing for William Daquioag of the SOS LV on December 11th - 16th, with Monday night off. The show runs from 8:30pm to about 10:00pm non-stop. Kamaaina rates are $ 29.50 for the cover charge. If you plan to see the Society of Seven LV show on one of these dates, plz let me know 2 days ahead of time so that I can let them know to reserve seats for you. If you haven't seen the show, these guys put on a great performance. Check it out! Jasmine Trias is also on the show. She is a totally different performer from what you saw on American Idol. She will surprise you!

The Main Showroom is located in the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach on Kalakaua Avenue directly across the International Marketplace (oceanside of Kalakaua). Valet parking is available. If you decide to attend, plz be nice to the keyboard player as he will be under tremendous stress. BTW: He won't be dancing either!


We're planning to be there on the 16th. Wouldn't miss this one for anything, cause it's gonna be real cool to see our friend and co-musician Dwayne on stage with The SOS LV and Jasmine Trias. Now that's cool Dwayne!!!!


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