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The 70's Nightclub Reunion VII

This picture here is the official poster of the 70's Nightclub Reunion VI and is here only until the official VII poster comes out.'s almost that time again. So hard to believe that six months have already gone by. Are you ready for another blast from the past? For pictures and more news on this event please check out the official website . The events official doorman and webmaster Superman Irwin Santos wets our appetite for some good music with a short note to all of the peeps out there. Noone writes it better than Irwin. See you on March 20, 2010 at the Ala Moana Hotel!!!! It's gonna be real cool!!!!

Aloha Fellow 70's Nightclub Reunion Peeps

Hey Folks...

The 70s NCR VII poster is almost ready from the designer and we'll soon reveal who's on performing. There will be several returning bands to the stage, plus a "new" kid on the block and after 30 years in hiding will make their appearance.

For those of you that have attended previously SOLD OUT 70s NCR events, we need to reiterate the roots of the founding story which makes the event a success...Back at the very first dance, the bands who performed (Asian Blend, Rock Candy, Power Point, New Experience, and Greenwood) were united for a single blowout party bash. Immediate friends and family of the bands were invited. That in itself was ALOT of peeps. At that time, the event was held at the Ilikai where Rob Kimura (the Mastermind of 70s NCR) got together with Candy Au (Banquet Hall Queen) to form the shindig. Since not all of the Ilikai Ballroom had been filled, the general public had been invited. Check out the poster here; (HEY!! don't get confused attention, this is from 5 years ago)

You can also read this article "Getting the Band Back Together"

The Ilikai had changed ownership about 4 years ago, which meant staffing would too. Candy moved over to the Ala Moana Hotel and through her effort had been instrumental in coordinating the bash. Unlike the Ilikai, the Hibiscus Grand Ballroom and Garden Lanai rooms combined at the Ala Moana were not as large as the Ilikai. But still, we have that ever growing group of 70s retro peepage.

What does that mean for those of you in this email? Well, and frankly, there will not be enough seating for all. This email list alone has 493 addresses in my database. Some are band members, and many are from those that wanted the "in" information about the event. I personally know at least 300 of ya'.

After the bands secure seats for their immediate families and friends, you folks get first dibs before we announce to the media (TV/Radio/Newspapers). It's the formula that had always been in place and we're grateful and truly appreciate EVERYONE. Sadly though, not all can make it to the BIG DANCE. Most of you understand the math and see this as unique. There is NOTHING in Hawaii that comes close to in size with 1000 or so Boomers gyrating on a Saturday night. There will be some that are dissapointed because we go SRO (Standing Room Only) in the first 15 minutes of tickets sale...AND there are others that have the BALLS to tell me to my face "YOU SUCK"...kid you not, that happened at the last event. That's because they weren't quick enough to call in for tickets and more than likely didn't understand the math.

FYI, here's the math:
600 seats in the Hibiscus Grand Ballroom
200 seats in the Garden Lanai (this is the place to be, it's COOLER and has it's own dance floor)
800 total seats available

The expense...Say 40 musicians to perform, plus their significant others, add 2 friends per musician. Roughly 200 peeps...this is a LOW number. Subtract that from 800 and you get 600. 493 peeps of this email list want to go and will bring their friend/date/FB...whatever...that's close to 1000.

Somewhere along that line we have NEGATIVE 400...or in other words, not enough seats. AND that's not including those that hear about it in the media and not through my email announcements.

Well Supes...why not a LARGER place? No can do! Unless you like paying DOUBLE the amount of the ticket price, I'm happy being at the Ala Moana. There's not a whole lot of profit to be made (and not the point of this event) because the biggest expense is FLYING member musicians in is part of the allotted expense for 70s NCR. That's right! Reunion groups that have transplanted musicians OUTSIDE of Hawaii are given bucks to fly those guys in for the weekend. Let's not forget that this is the 70s Nightclub REUNION. The whole project was about the "good feel" of reliving all our pasts and certainly not the dough.

...and THERE!! It's my heads up for you guys & gals. Hope you understand AND no get hu-hu.


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