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The 70's Nightclub Reunion VIII thru the eyes of KnightMoves808

Superman (Supes) Irwin has his own website which chronicles the happenings in Hawaii. One feature on Supes website is commentary by KnightMoves808. KnightMoves, who with his lady can be seen at the Nightclub Reunion events cutting up the dance floor, tells it like it is thru his perspective. He cuts no slack, says what is on his mind, like it or not. Here's KnightMoves808's commentary of the 70's Nightclub Reunion VIII.

70's NCR Commentary: 8/14/2010
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70's NCR Commentary: 8/14/2010

First & foremost we would like to humbly thank those that made this possible. Special hollahs goes to Supes and his posse for their extraordinary efforts for bringing this event up close and personal to many around the globe. Then of course to bruddah Mike Nacupay for the sound system

Not much has changed this time around 'cept for the look and layout which made the place far more maneuverable to get around. Dance floor remains far too small to accommodate a crowd of this magnitude. Restrained only by a budget in which gets incrementally difficult to manage let alone provide more sq footage. So Candy & Robin make do with what they can work with and so far its an outstanding job.

Band line ups were up a notch in caliber and the transition has now become much smoother. A couple of Rock songs snuck in....thank goodness NO Mustang Sally. In all my daze of disco I have yet to recall a Rock song being played. nuff said on where I stand with that

The energy this time around is not as high as the previously held events. Certainly not the fault of any individual or thing, its the familiarity that becomes rather mundane. The thing to going to mass. Really don't want to be there but best to show face and support. Feel me? Many are starting to become less enchanted with the novelty and feel it more as a ritual. Their sense of self gained by validating an era filled with their finest moments. Re-living those endorphin rushes of a time fast fleeting I dare say it? For good. Polyester and platforms have given way to the 80's resurgence. Like it or not the 70's were a mere prelude to greater things to come in the next decade. The 80's continue to be the premier dance scene. Gone were the glimma and was hamma time. Thrilla moves on the floor and not as much focus on the look-at-me clothing. Baggier and loose fitting club wear replaced the crotch-hugging-wedge-crawling attire so one can busta move. Ain't no party till y'allz hit 8,000 RPM and dem soles are on fire. In fact it was reported that the greatest liquor sales in dance club history were in the 80's. Get the connection?

Here are a few comments heard and/or sent:

"eh PowerPoint no sound so good like last time"

" ...that Berger guy...does he ever write about stuff he actually does or did? Never saw him once on the dance floor!"

"GreenWood was the best band tonite"

"...where was the 70's spirit of dressing the part?? WTF a guy with slippers and another one with an aloha shirt & jeans??"

"Drinks were weak ass"

"Had a great time....not like the ones before but at least more danceable tunes"

" wea all da trivia contest stuff...good fun dat was..."

"We should have clips shown on Tiny TV"

"...frick man, how come pleny folks get da same seats over and over??"

In closing, the time is right now to bring it to a close. It was a great run and I truly feel next year's last should go all out for the bang. Need to line up more sponsors with the caliber of Budweiser, Red Bull and so on. If ever they needed help in doing so....helloooooo many of us work for those companies and they'd be more than happy to comp products/services in exchange for promos!

Much alohaz out to our visitors that made this part of their vacation plans. Thank you kindly for your keeping in touch and spreading the word


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