Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Play Conga Drums : Tumbao Latin Music Rhythms

It looks so easy to play the congas doesn't it? It's just a hand drum right that pretty much anyone with some rhythm can play right? That's what I thought for such a long time, but was I wrong. Over the years I've seen what I thought was conga playing, but it finally hit me as I watched a drummer I know performing with a band playing the congas. He seemed like the was playing drums on the congas. Come to think of it I now think that most of the people I've seen playing the congas were playing it incorrectly. They were just slapping the congas. I even saw people using drum mallets on the congas. I really like this video, it opened my eyes to the amazing sounds of the congas when played correctly. Cool video!!! Congas? Cool!!!!!


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