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John Berger - On the Scene - The 70's NCR IX

Music: ’70s Nightclub Reunion’ returns


Two of the biggest local club bands of the late ’70s — Aura and Phase VII — will share headliner status when Robin Kimura presents “’70s Nightclub Reunion IX” on Saturday, June 11, at the Ala Moana Hotel.

Aura will perform with the classic family band roster from their lengthly residency at the Point After: vocalists Beverly and Christine Mendoza, all six Mendoza brothers (Dennis, Del, Brian, Michael, Clifton and Vincent) and the two “honorary brothers,” Bill Popaka and Adney Atabay.

Six old-time members of Phase VII — Sandy Pascual, Clark Silva, Eddie Ramirez, Eric Kutzen, Teddy Compehos and Hemmingway Jasmin — will be working together for the first time in years.


Kimura’s band, Greenwood, will open the evening as usual so that none of the other bands feel relegated to “warm-up act” status. Power Point and Nueva Vida featuring guest vocalist Pauline Wilson complete the bill.

Kimura says this will be the final show in the ‘70s NCR series. His concept from the beginning was to feature only groups that had played in local nightclubs in the decade between the mid-’70s and early ’80s. From the beginning he required participating groups to reunite and perform with their original members and refused to work with remnants of old groups or with contemporary “oldies” bands.

Some individual musicians and young modern “oldies” bands took issue with Kimura’s insistence on working only with the original members of ’70s-era groups but he accepted no substitutions. If the original members of a group were alive and still able to play their instruments, he expected them to make the effort. Many of them did. His ’70s Nightclub Reunion (NCR) shows included performances by Glass Candle, Natural High, Ashberry/Sage, New Experience, Asian Blend and Rock Candy.
In some cases Kimura was able to persuade individuals to set aside decades-old grievances for at least an evening.
There were also times, however, when musicians who were working full-time in Las Vegas, Guam or elsewhere wanted to participate but couldn’t afford to take time off from work to do it. Scheduling proved difficult in years past for several members of Aura, and scheduling conflicts are keeping Van de Guzman from joining the other members of Phase VII for this show. Scheduling conflicts also prevented Kimura from presenting a long-hoped for reunion by the six original members of the Kasuals.

At least one group declined because a majority of its members were no longer able to perform, but the old-time Waikiki club bands that got it together and played the show were always warmly welcomed.

With NCR IX, Kimura will have presented every eligible group that was willing and able to perform.
And so Kimura is going out on top — closing the NCR series with two more long-awaited first-time reunion performances. Previous ’70s NCR shows have sold out. Expect this one to sell out, too.

» Where: Hibiscus Ballroom I & II, Ala Moana Hotel
» When: 7:30 p.m., Saturday, June 11
» Tickets: $50 reserved seating, $40 general admission (includes nachos bar)
» Info: 944-4330 or


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