Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Forgot to Mention Some Cool Stuff....

MICHAEL CHOCK: Revelations
Cool Tropical Jazz

My CD is finally complete and is now available at CD Baby. Pretty cool if you ask me, but hey, I bet if you asked anyone who made a CD you'd get the same response. Cool man, real cool. As the days have passed from receiving the completed CDs to this very moment, I remember the words Kirk Thompson (formerly of Kalapana and founder and leader of Lemuria) said to me as Aaron Aranita and I were leaving his studio one day, "Welcome to the club". Thanks Kirk!! Hey Kirk, what did you mean by that? I realized shortly thereafter that the recording part and getting everything to the CD manufacturer was actually the easy part. I now understand firsthand what Kirk was saying and what every other independent recording guy knows so well, marketing and selling a CD ain't easy and takes a lot of effort, but most of all all the cards have to be in the right place!!!!! Anyway, here it is!!!! More about this CD later. Aloha & God bless!!!!


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Eh you right!!!!

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