Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Have you had your portugese sausage today??

Just a little private joke between a businessman and his accountant. Hahahaha! It's not about portugese sausage or stuff but the man behind local band, the Waiahole Ditch Band. Just so happens that the new owner of Gouveia's Sausages is none other than the brains behind the Waiahole Ditch Band. Here's John Berger's review of the band's first CD release. I like the sounds that Bill Atherton and his Waiahole Ditch Band put out. Cool stuff!!!!!

Island Mele

Friday, January 26, 2001

By John Berger

Jam session style works on album

Waiahole Ditch Band:
By Waiahole Ditch Band (Atherton Pacific Productions APP-042)

IMAGINE guys jamming on someone's back porch. That's the "let's go for it" ambience of the Waiahole Ditch Band. The group plays originals and remakes with equal zest in a style reminiscent of the many acoustic rock groups of the '70s. The band is also plugged into contemporary island music in using Jamaican rhythms to deliver a message about land use and water rights in "Waiahole Ditch Band (Down In The Ditch)."
"Malama Ka Aina" likewise addresses nationalist issues and decries greed-driven development and the destruction of rural communities.

The casualness of jamming may explain why the album art shows four guys but the credits list five members plus two "guest musicians" and two "new editions." Whoever they are this week the Waiahole Ditch Band will please fans of local acoustic rock.


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