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Timmy Chang's European Adventure......

There is perhaps nobody in Hawaii sports with the same name recognition as Timmy Chang. This spring Timmy was allocated to the Rhein Fire in the NFLE. Here Timmy answers some questions asked of him. Seems like Hawaii isn't the only place where Timmy has made a name for himself. Rookie mini-camp with the Philadelphia Eagles begins this Thursday, May 25, 2006. We're all pulling for you Timmy!!! Hawaii No Ka Oi!!! Now that's cool!!!

Timmy Chang replies

May 16, 2006
NFL Europe

Timmy Chang answers your questions. (waynepaulo.com)
Last week we invited NFL Europe fans to send in questions to be answered by Rhein Fire quarterback Timmy Chang. The Philadelphia Eagles allocated passer has picked some questions to answer, including enquiries about his favorite quarterbacks, his memories of Europe and the transition from the run and shoot to a pro-style offense.

Dear Timmy:
I saw you play the other night and thought you played great. You really made plays. I could see you being the next Doug Flutie. What quarterback present or past, do you think you are the most like? I think you would be great with the Eagles or some other team.
Good luck.
Austin Braksick, 7 Backbone Rd, Sewickley, PA 15143

I try to think of myself and have my on game, but one quarterback that I did look up to was Joe Montana. I’m not saying that I have the qualities that Joe did, but I grew up watching him. He was my childhood idol. If it was anybody that I’d like to be like it has to be Joe, but right now I’m nowhere close to that. It’s a lot more learning for me to do.

Do you think the experience of playing in the NFLEL will help you make the Philly roster or latch on to another team. I wish you the best of luck and hope someone will give you a shot at making a team and playing in the near future.
Daniel Takata, Sacramento, California

I really think that NFL Europe has really helped me getting experience and it has helped me to learn the game. I’ve gotten so much more time, so many more reps and much more visual time. It’s definitely helped me and it’s going to help me make a team depending on what they need. Hopefully I can spark the interest in one coach that’s willing to give me an opportunity. Right now hopefully the Philadelphia Eagles like what they have in me. When it comes to August hopefully I can latch on to a team.

Hi Timmy,
After Nick Rolovich, you are the second Alumni from Hawaii to play quarterback for the Rhein Fire. Did you follow his career in Europe and if so, did it influence your willingness to come over to NFL Europe?
Eiko Pate, Neuss, Germany

Nick and I are good friends. When he heard that I got signed to the Rhein Fire he was the first one to give me a call. He called me last week, but I just haven’t gotten back to him. He’s a great friend of mine and it just so happened that both of us ended up on the Rhein Fire. I played behind him my sophomore year and he’s just one of those great guys. Hopefully we can keep the Hawaii tradition going.

If you where to take some food, a none-football memory and an item home with you from Europe, what would it be?
Chris Elliott Glasgow Scotland UK

I would have to say all the life-long friends and experience of seeing this different culture. It’s a different culture and I’ve enjoyed everything. Building the new relationships with my teammates is what I’ll remember the most. I’m never going to forget about all the trains and subways that I’ve taken since I’ve been here.

What does the Philadelphia Eagles organization, and more particularly, Andy Reid, say about your recent outstanding performances?
Clifford T. Mito (originally from Kailua) Las Vegas, NV

I haven’t talked to them, but hopefully they saw the game and they liked what I did out there. I could have done a lot of things better, because there is always room for improvement.

What’s the tougher part of being the "relief pitcher" for the Fire, the mental or the physical part?
Rick Jank, Pensacola, Florida.

Nothing at all. I feel for Drew, because when you’re the starter there is nothing that builds up more than pressure. When you are the back up you don’t feel all of that pressure. When you’re the back up if you’re ahead you put more points on the board. If you’re behind put more points on the board and get the lead. It’s just like a clean up picture.

Chang is more used to playing in a run-and-shoot offense. (waynepaulo.com)
How have you been transitioning to a "pro-style" offense? Have you been adapting better under center, now that you've had the opportunity to run more reps and get the system down? Do you prefer playing in a "Pro-Style" offense (balanced pass/run attack), or playing in a Run N' Shoot/Shotgun (pass dominant) scheme?
Ron Mattice, Plant City, FL

I’m used to the run and shoot so it would be more comfortable for me to be in the run and shoot. But the pro style offense is what I’m going to have to be playing in and there’s not going to be another run and shoot offense for me in the near future. So that’s what I need to get use to. You come to NFL Europe to learn and continue to get better.

I was just wondering how you are doing in Europe and how does playing in the European league compare to your past playing experience?
Daniel Miyasato, Honolulu, HI 96819

It’s been a great experience. I haven’t been the back up for a while, so it’s definitely a different perspective. I sat out a year, so I was real hungry coming up here. Whenever you’re playing the game of football you’re having fun out there. I’ve been having a lot of fun.

What do you think you need to improve the most on as a quarterback?
Justin Gholston, Tampa, Florida

I need to complete every ball, being perfect, doing the right things. I have to make the right reads, take the biggest drops known to man and really just be the overall quarterback that controls the game.

Does the game seem faster playing out of college?
Marty Asmus, Carlsbad, CA 92009

The game is much faster. All of these guys are great athletes from college who just needed an opportunity. The guys are obviously good out here.


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