Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ginai......Jazz Afficiando......

I had the chance to see Ginai in person for the first time live last Monday at the Outrigger Main Showroom where she competed against five other singers in the third round this year's version of Hawaii Stars. Over the years Ginai's name has always appeared somewhere in the Hawaii music scene but I never had the pleasure of seeing her perform in person. I had gone to see my good friend, outstanding professional singer Annette Alcos Oasay compete and came away very impressed with Annette and Ginai. Here's John Berger's review of Ginai's
self-produced CD that was recently released.
By the way, Annette Alcos Oasay killed 'em with her version of that standard jazz classic "Route 66". Great singing, great entertainment. Now that's cool, real cool!!!!

"Jazz Island"

Island Mele
John Berger

This beautiful album will appeal to jazz purists and sophisticated romantics alike. With the Honolulu Jazz Quartet backing her, and Robert Shinoda sitting in on guitar, Ginai has excellent instrumental support throughout.
Shinoda is featured on the bridge of the title song. Latin rhythms suggest that the titular island may be somewhere in the Caribbean, but the lyrics connect it squarely to the local jazz scene.

Ginai and the guys do a fine job with an assortment of pop standards. "Them There Eyes" opens the album on a swinging upbeat mood. A languorous arrangement of "Blue Moon" bathes that pop standard in the sweet afterglow of long-anticipated love. A similarly beautiful arrangement of "Pure Butterfly" belies the darkness of the lyrics. "Take Five," performed with the Jon Hendricks lyrics rather than as the well-known Dave Brubeck instrumental, is also memorable.

Ginai completes this perfect musical portrait by sharing the personal significance of each song in her liner notes.


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