Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven......

Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One.....and so it goes.....spoke to my good friend
Van de Guzman the founder of Phase VII and we both couldn't believe how quickly the time has flown by.....Ten days and counting......Van flies in on the red eye from Las Vegas Monday morning......He was going to stay over our house but family and friends have been calling him off the hook asking him to stay with them during the week leading up to the 70s Nightclub Reunion Part II......Phase VII will be minus one, with a lineup of six......Phase VII will be original members Van de Guzman and Hemingway Jasmine joined by Mike de Guzman currently with the SOS LV, and Owen Kajiwara, Dwayne Higa and Brad Choi from our band Greenwood......Van is hard at work memorizing that Smokey Robinson and the Miracles' monster 70s hit "Love Machine"......oh yeah!!! You remember that part don't you???

The Greenwood horns practiced last night.....Last night our trumpet player Miles Ichida's friend Steve joined us.....for this Reunion Part II Greenwood will feature three trumpets, two saxes and a, we're back up to our original number......Ten!!!! It sounded great, Steve is a strong player......Last year's song lineup has been revamped this year to include the hit from that one hit wonder group the "Ides of March", "Vehicle", perhaps one of the greatest hits by the "Tower of Power", "You're Still a Young Man", and perhaps one of the greatest hits by the "Doobie Brothers", "Long Train Running".......interesting note on the horn parts on the "Long Train Running", the parts are modified notes to the TOP song "Soul Vaccination"

Look for a front page article about the Nightclub Reunion Part II in Midweek the weekend edition.......Finally, ticket sales are going well, as of about a week ago about thirty tables (three hundred people) have already been a funny feeling that this year's event with the strong lineup is going to crack the one thousand mark!!!!! Hoooo hoooo!!!!! Cool!!!!!!!!! Ten days and counting fast......


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