Friday, November 18, 2005

The 70s Nightclub Reunion II

Greenwood's bandleader got the poster for round two of the 70s Nightclub Reunion done and emailed it to us. Cool colors. Instead of last year's lavender/purplish color this year it's a baby blue. Or something like that. Here's the latest scoops I know.

Phase VII will be Van deGuzman and Jasmine Hemingway from the original band plus Gilbert Farias on bass, Mike deGuzman (Van's younger brother who now performs with the Society of Seven LV) on vocals and sax, Brad Choi (Greenwood's original drummer)on drums, and Owen Kajiwara (Greenwood's lead guitarist). Aaron Aranita may be a part of Phase VII for the evening.

Aura will be without original members Cliff (trumpet and lead vocals) and Mike Mendoza (trombone and lead vocals) due to schedule conflicts in their home base Las Vegas. So it looks like it'll be Aura without the horn section.

New Experience (aka the Krush) is now with a female vocalist, a new male vocalist and a new drummer (Alvin Paguio). I know Alvin from church and he is just an outstanding drummer.

Power Point has gotten the green light from Brian Aoyagi (original lead guitarist and lead vocalist). Brian's strong tenor voice was a very, very important part of Power Point in the group's heyday. Plus, Brian plays a cool, cool electric guitar. Brian is presently co-owner of Goodguys Music Store in Kapahulu.

Greenwood will resume practice this Sunday. There was talk that lead vocalist/percussionist Steven Lee would make the trek to Honolulu to join the band in Reunion Part II. Just received an email via our bandleader Robin that Steven will not be able to make it.

That's it for now but you know February 4, 2006 will be here in the blink of an eye. The 70s Nightclub Reunion II? Cool. It's going to be a blast to see old friends one more time. The 70s Nightclub Reunion III? Well.........


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