Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Now this is one cool family....

One of the coolest things in our beautiful island paradise is our collegiate football program. The University of Hawaii Warriors. Many years back I made a decision to start doing things I had a passion for. One of those things was to become more than a Monday morning quarterback. In that year I spent hours of time at the football field in beautiful Manoa watching June Jones and his warriors at practice. It was a time when I began spending much time on the internet on the message board of the Rainbow Sports Network. Using names such as BG (Bleed Green), Pupule Paul, Original Prophet, Warrior fanatics had a chance to discuss our passion......Warrior football. In the process we got to meet players and their families. One of those players and families we met was the Rolovich family (aka the Rolos). It's funny how the football bounces. They say in football the bounce is different because of the shape of the ball, you know, the ball ain't round, has two funny points, so when you try to bounce it you just never know how the ball is gonna bounce back up to you. Long story short, the most recent development in the Rolo family is that young Jack will be transferring to a division 1AA school. Someone on the Rainbow Sports Network message board wrote a best wishes letter to mama Rolo, and true to form, with graciousness and kindness that she always displayed, she wrote back. Cool family, one of the nicest I have had the pleasure to ever meet. From the moment we met in person at the tailgate the RSN ohana put together at Richardson Field, this family was and is first class all the way. Cool, cool, cool. Here's Lori Rolovich's note to the RSN ohana. I will always have a spot in my heart for the Rolo clan. Aloha & God bless this class act family.

**WARNING, WARNING** This one's long...
Hey Sportsbow, thanks for your good wishes. It is with such mixed emotions I feel as I write this. Sadness and disappointment, of course, that Jack didn't get to play for the UH Warriors. But also with a real sense of pride that he is being true to himself and to the game that he loves. After a few bumps and bruises for Nick once he came to UH, the people of Hawaii embraced and welcomed him. We were so hopeful that Nick had paved a golden road for Jack to have another positive impact for the fans as well.
Ah, the good old days of the Ohana...sending SPAM over to Paul Honda to share at the practices! Sharing story with so many wonderful people...Randy, Mike C, Cory, Karl, Hawaii Kai, lots and lots more. Remember my first meeting with Rebow and Coconut Girl in Fresno (Scotty Dog and Dori~the bloodbath in the stands with my family and the Fresno wackos~THEY got kicked out, not us!!! ) and now they are married with two precious daughters. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Murph and his wife Marion, and my buddies Ray & Adrienne Sweeney~opened their hearts and their homes to us (and their bar!). Bianca and Lori (Panda Travel) I think the WORLD of you both. So many Mahalos.

Nick flashing his "4-1-5" on the TV for us was great! And the OOPS slip "F#$% Fresno"~classic!
That 2001 BYU GAME~~~only word is AMAZING! Thank God we were there to share that with you guys! That's probably the happiest I've ever seen Nick!!! His smile from ear to ear~that was for all of YOU!

Didn't get a chance to get to know any of the positions coaches except Coach Morrison, but I can say without a doubt that he is an incredibly kind, honest and stand up human being, besides being a great coach. THe QB's and UH are lucky to have him, and Nick and Jack were lucky to have him in their lives as well.

Agreements and disagreements are all part of this board. If I offended anyone, it was never meant that way. Sometimes I did and do know some things that others might not know (do have SOME connections! ). But no sour grapes here; I'm just an old mother lion protecting her young, a practice gone on since the beginning of time.

I wish the Warriors and their fans all the very best in the future. There's a special place in my heart for you all (OK, I'm a wimp!) They say change is good, or else you stop growing, so onward and forward we go. I'll be sure to check in from time to time and keep you posted about my Jack. My kids love Hawaii (yes, there is a BEAUTIFUL wahine Rolovich in between those 2 QB's) so don't worry, you haven't seen the last of us! (Scotty, call if you need any backups!)

Lastly and sadly, I wish I could have shared Jack more with all of you, but, lucky for me, I get to have him forever. Sweet deal.

Here goes from the Irish girl...

"Mahalo nui loa no na mana'o".

Lori Rolo


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