Wednesday, October 05, 2005

This is Cool and Tropical Indeed

Coming in to work listening to the Bobby Curran show I got to hear the Michelle Wie press conference at the Kahala Mandarin Hotel. It's official, Team Wie is professional. For Hawaii this is HUGE!!! Hawaii is one of the greatest place to be and even with the problems we face day to day I wouldn't trade living here for anything (well, maybe ten million reasons could sway me, hehehe). But the mentality in Hawaii is so laid back, so cool, and we just don't like to "show off". Because of this we've developed this "nah, I don't want people to know that I'm good" kind of attitude in Hawaii. I remember my younger days at Ernst & Whinney, one of the big international accounting firms, of going to tax training class on the big island, the continental United States of America and meeting other tax professionals from around the country. As we proceeded and as the days went by I realized that I was just as smart or had the same problems as most of them. Of course there were some exceptionally brilliant individuals, but, as a whole, hey, I was no better or worse than anyone there. I was just as good, my problem was I wasn't very vocal, cause of my "Hawaii upbringing". Point of this story? We got a bunch of talented individuals in Hawaii and Michelle Wie is living proof of that. And giving $ 500,000 to the victims of Hurricane Katrina? Now that's what I call the heart of Hawaii, "aloha". You go girl!!! Our prayers and best wishes to you. Michelle go out there set the world on fire with the aloha spirit and make us in Hawaii proud!!! Team Wie, our goodwill ambassadors to the world. Now that is cool, real, real, real cool!!!!


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