Friday, November 04, 2005

The Immortal Yi Soon Shin

Wow!!! Guess it's so funny that every Thursday for the past of what seems forever I would be running off from worship practice to make it home by 9:25 pm. Well, yesterday was the last Thursday, for now at least, that I have to do this. You may ask, "What could this crazy old Chinese man be talking about?". It's called, "Hooked on historical Korean saga", a disease that I know has tons of people in Hawaii or maybe even the world infected.

Well as I was saying, last night was the final episode of "The Immortal Yi Soon Shin" and man, just like every week in the entire series it was just awesome!!! Cool, cool, cool!!!! Why you say? Let me count the reasons here. 1. The costumes 2. The authenticity 3. The camera work 4. The underlying story......I think I could go on and on. You catch the jist, but for me the thing that stuck in my craw was the integrity of the main character, the admiral himself. Ever have one of those discouraging days? You know, cut off on the freeway, people cutting in front of you and not even giving a thanks sign, people stepping all over you like a rug. I don't know about you but that's happened to me many times. Think you had a bad day? When I watched the "Passion" and something like "The Immortal Yi Soon Shin" it really puts things in perspective. Sometimes it all boils down to not who is right but what is right. In this historical series Admiral Yi Soon Shin does what is right even when faced with grave circumstances. A man of integrity, honor and national pride. Watching every week was just an inspiration to keep going and not give up hope and to try to do what is right no matter what the consequence.

You say, "Hey, don't get carried away here old Chinese man, noone's that goody two shoe". So I looked it up and began reading some actual accounts of the man and the accounts were close to what the Korean producers showed us. Cool I say.

I give this series two thumbs up and the cool award for what is cool. I'm gonna try to get the DVD of this series for sure. And the other additional benefits of watching this weekly series? Man can I read english sub-titles fast now!!! This Korean series was cool, real, real cool!!!! Let's hope they don't come out with another lulu of a series, it's just too addicting!!!


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