Saturday, November 19, 2005

Behind the Scenes.....The 70s Nightclub Reunion II

WELCOME TO THE PARTY: Designated "doorman" Irwin Santos, center, greeted Robin Kimura, left, and Ilikai Hotel exec Candy Au. Kimura's band, Greenwood, played next to last but turned out to be the most polished performers and the closest in sound to the local Top 40 bands of the era.

Concerts, football games, church services, tv shows. What do these all have in common you may ask. We often take so much for granted and think nothing of what it takes to put on a great concert or a great movie or even church service. Maybe just as important is the marketing/advertising that means a blockbuster hit or major flop. Behind any successful venture you can count on hours and hours of work that went on behind the scene. Just to give you a sample of what goes on I've pasted an email from Greenwood's bandleader Robin Kimura. Practically single handedly Robin promoted last year's event and is in the process of promoting the upcoming February 4, 2006 event. Great job Rob!!!! Your efforts are cool, real cool.

Hi Guys!

This was truly a busy week. As you know, we got our poster done and it was emailed to all the essential first round contacts immediately. Everyone that has seen the poster was very impressed and sounded genuinely excited about our event. In the coming weeks I will be having lunch meetings with John Berger, Frank B. Shaner and the Ilikai to review a game plan to help promote this event. So far, this is what it looks like.

John Berger is committed and driven to write an article about the event and as usual include us in his “On the Scene” section.

Tiny Tadani has left KUMU and is now with KHUI 99.5 FM (formerly the Breeze). He responded to my email and we spoke over the phone. We’re good to go for a morning segment on OC16 the week leading up to the event. We are not certain about another Tiny TV segment as of yet.

Frank B. Shaner is now at KUMU Lite Rock, in the slot vacated by Tiny. When I meet with Frank, we’re going to see if we can also leverage his participation as our emcee and go on his show during the final week leading up to the event.

Irwin Santos known as “Superman” in the web world has set up a section for his members to post new. I have added a link to the website so you can see our event poster under the “Announcement and Entertainment” sections. His email list is 200+ strong from what we understand. A free ticket and the designation as the official “doorman” for the event will hopefully add to additional plugs by Irwin.

Emails were sent out to Wayne Harada and June Yago (who was in charge of the TGIF section during our first event). I have yet to hear back from them, though it’s still early. Nevertheless, I will continue to pursue a response from them.

I will also try to connect with Ron Nagasawa who is the publisher of Mid-Week to see if a cover story or any kind of feature article is warranted by this event. I will keep you posted. This will take a little bit more effort and strategy to present.
I spoke to Denny Mendoza, Hemmingway Jasmine, Van de Guzman, Jason Nagashima and Edwin Ramones this week and they’re all so looking forward to this event. Aura will not have their horns so guys…we’re the only brass band for the evening (Phase VII will have two sax players).

That’s it for now. See you guys on Sunday! As always, I’m looking forward to getting together with all of you!




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