Friday, July 14, 2006

Annette Alcos Oasay Revisited

I remembering first meeting Annette Alcos Oasay at New Hope Leeward serving together on the worship team when services were held at the Leeward Community College theatre. Blessed with a most beautiful voice and yet very humble and down to earth. Always the professional and versatile in music stylyings, Annette has been part of the Hawaii music scene all around the islands for several years and has been part of various recording projects. What follows is a blurb by Hawaii's own John Berger, the man who knows the who's who in the Hawaii music and entertainment scene.

Island Mele

By John Berger,
Special to the Star-Bulletin
Friday, April 25, 1997

Pictures and Memories: By various artists (Pa'ani Records)

PRODUCER/composer/recording artist Freddy Von Paraz introduces a new group and previews a new album by Annette Alcos in this retrospective of his work. Priced several dollars below regular "list price" for local discs, it is an economical introduction to the some of the best local pop acts of the early 1990s.

Alcos' new song, "Will You Be Mine," proves once again her strength as an appealing and seductive vocalist; she's certainly due a hit.

"Aina," by New School Ohana, is a snapshot of a work-in-progress. (Some of the personnel have changed and the group is now recording as Ohana Camp.) The song is a poignant portrait of life in modern Hawaii that should already be getting airplay on island music radio stations statewide.

The brightest memories are the songs Von Paraz co-wrote, "Hugs and Kissses" and "Heartaches and Heartbreaks" for New Generation, "Hold on to Love" and "Special Place" for Leahi, and Alcos' recording of "I'll Be There (Turner's Song)," which Von Paraz and Young wrote as a requiem for their friend Turner Pa'ea. No one has sung it with greater feeling than Alcos.

TNG clones Brotherhood are recalled by their recording of another memorable Von Paraz composition, "Send A Message."

John Berger, who has covered the local entertainment scene since 1972, writes reviews of recordings produced by Hawaii artists. See the Star-Bulletin's Home Zone section on Fridays for the latest reviews.

See Record Reviews for some of John Berger's past reviews.


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