Saturday, March 24, 2007

Greenwood back in the green.....

Just got an email from our bandleader Robin and it's officially Greenwood in "green" for the 70's Nightclub Reunion III. Greenwood, aka the "Men in Black" for the past two reunion events will break from what seemed to have become without any planning on any groups part the color scheme for all the participating bands. Black is the color that helps a bit to make us aging musicians look a tad thinner but we'll be in green this year.
Attached to Robin's email to all of us was Greenwood's songlist for the event this year. Robin is and was always great at putting together a songlist and this year's list is no exception. Once again we'll open up and trumpet in the theme for the evening as the Godfather of Soul James Brown would have so fittingly said, "we're back, huh, so get up offa your thing and then you will feel better!!!!" It's gonna be a one cool tropical night May 5, 2007!!!! "We're Back!!!!"

Greenwood Song List
70’s Nightclub Reunion III

Get Up Offa That Thing
Get Down Tonight
Play That Funky Music
You’re Still A Young Man
Brick House
Evil Ways
Sun Goddess (if needed)
Long Train Running

Celebration (Hana Hou)
Hollywood Swinging


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