Monday, May 12, 2008

OK, OK, I Confess......

the pictures here were borrowed from blogger Rodney Lee who blogs under "Midlife Crisis".....thanks Rodney!!!! the way, did you know that there's also a Hilo band that goes by the name "Midlife Crisis" and they have the distinction of having the local version of Mick Jagger complete with skin tight longjohns with a pair of bbds over them? ...........anyway, check out Rodney Lee's May 12, 2008 blog in the Honolulu Advertiser under "" where he is a "Featured Blogger"......Rodney blogs about the 70's Nighclub Reunion IV event and can be reached at "" ......Interesting read and comments from other bloggers as well.........Those are cool pictures Rodney.....from top to bottom the pictures are of Doug Rivera, Bobby Gonzales and Robert Shinoda of Glass Candle, the boys of Power Point dappered up in their Elton John-like outfits (really cool), Joy and the rest of White Light, the New Experience with many of their founding members, Greenwood and last but not least the famous disco ball....hehehehe......more to come later....


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