Sunday, December 14, 2008

The 70's Nightclub Reunion in retrospect..Part III..

What many people do not realize is that these bands are not “performing” bands. With the exception of Asian Blend, who from time to time performs with two original members, the rest of the bands who participate in this event do not gig on a regular basis but are truly reunited bands from the 70's. Most of these reunited bands have only about a week to practice together as members fly in several days prior to the event to finally rehearse "as a group". The sound that they are able to put out in such a short time is actually remarkable given these circumstances. This shows that the chemistry that made all of these bands successful in the 70’s is still present today even if it’s been 25-30 years since they last performed together. We do not require any of the bands to submit a song list. Our philosophy is again very simple. When we all went nightclub-hopping back in the day, all the bands played their version of the most popular hits during that period. It was not unusual to hear “Play That Funky Music” or a given Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire or KC & the Sunshine Band song performed multiple times throughout the night as you were “hopping”. Therefore, we let the bands perform whatever is most comfortable for them given the amount of time they have to prepare. Yes, there are tons of other songs we all want to do, but realistically, most do not have the luxury of time and/or the logistics in place to do this. Fortunately, it has worked since every band had their own distinct style and preference of artists they catered to.

Many current cover bands have asked if they could participate in our event. It’s been difficult but necessary to diplomatically and “gingerly explain that this event is reserved only for the bands that played in the 70’s, in what were the prominent nightclubs in and around Waikiki in that era ( not in Korean or military clubs ), and are reuniting with actual members (leader included) to perform. We feel it necessary to stick to this formula as it gives our event a unique distinction that no other venue offers. Not everyone will understand, accept or agree with what we’re doing, but, in the same breath, we feel that the masses have spoken by supporting the event as it grows in attendance every year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

!!!Well said Mikey!!! Really enjoy ur website! Keep up the great work keepin us in tune w/'da scoops' in 'da scene'. See ya real soon(@70's NCR V) . . . Mahalo & Aloha A Hui Hou, Gotta Go~~~bz/PP~~~

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