Friday, January 08, 2010

Ashberry.......Restored......Now This is Cool!!!

A little known fact is that the 70's Nightclub Reunion official doorman Superman Irwin Santos specializes in photo restoration among the other ten million things that he does well. The pictures you see above are the before and after being restored picture of "Ashberry", one of the groups that reunited in 2008. The original photo that was used was old, old, old, and on top of that it wasn't a real high quality, but with so many years passing, any photo at that was hard to find. We originally posted a photo earlier that wasn't totally restored, but now thanks to Superman Irwin's we have a pretty cool photo. Thanks Irwin!!! Cool!! P.S. hopefully the 70's Nightclub Reunion will feature "Ashberry" again down the road. Now that would be pretty, pretty cool!!!


Blogger debi pomeroy said...

Hi from Debi Pomeroy.
I lived and played drums in Hawaii back in 1975 thru 1977.
I was with the all girl cover rock band from Michigan called, SUGAR.
We played the Diamond Head Crater Festival in '75.
We also played many hotels all over the islands.
I left in '76 only to return and play with The Clem Low Trio and a rock band from Kailua called, Bright Eye.
I was just wondering if you remembered any of the bands that I mentioned above.
I am still drumming in the mainland now in California.
It was a wonderful time for me and I hold Hawaii dear in my heart to this day.

3:11 PM  

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