Friday, August 20, 2010

Maybe This is What the 70's Nightclub Reunion series is and was all about.....

Here's something that came Robin's way via email to Doug Rivera lead singer from the group Glass Candle from someone who attended last Saturday's 70's Nightclub Reunion. Not sure if this should be posted here but then again maybe this is just what this whole series is and was about. When this all started the premise was and still remains to this day that we do this for the right reason. i think Richard Martines' email to Doug Rivera hits it on the head, in fact I think it's pretty darn cool!!!!

Subject: Fwd: Aloha

Hey Guys!
Thought I would copy and paste this letter I recieved. I don't know
about you, but it warmed my heart!
Doug & Lynne

Last Saturday in Honolulu

From: Richard Martines

Sent: Thu 8/19/2010 4:50 PM

Last Saturday night at the 70"s Reunion show was a fun night I will
always remember.

I graduated from Iolani in 1973 and Glass Candle was always my
favorite band. I loved it when they were booked for our Student
Council dances. Later I would spend many late nights at Dukes dancing
and being entertained. For all of these years I've had fond memories
of the band and whenever I got together with old friends and talked
about dances and clubs, I would always bring up your group. Last week
I chanced on the article in the Friday entertainment section of the
Star Advertiser about Noelani playing with her band at the 70's
Reunion. About the fifth paragraph down, when I saw the mention of
Glass Candle being one of the acts, my mind went "WHAT! GLASS
CANDLE?*&(%$#@^!+." I read through the article carefully and didn't
get any more information about your appearance, but immediately showed
the article to my wife and said that Saturday night we HAD TO go to
the show.

Beyond my wildest expectations! That's how great you guys were
performing that night. We showed up on time not knowing where you
would be scheduled in the rotation, and we enjoyed the first two sets
a lot. All of the music we heard that night was great, but when your
set began, my wife and I made sure to be on the dance floor and we
stayed there for the entire set. The group amazed me by being so
together after all of these years. It must be such a rush for you to
be together again. The vibe from the dance floor was that you guys
were on top your game, and having a great time. I have a great big
smile on my face right now thinking about the performance that night.

My wife and I hadn't been to an prior 70's Reunions, we've been out of
things raising two children. But the children are now old enough for
Mom and Dad to go out and have a good time once in a while. We HOPE
you will get together for another Reunion show and we will keep our
eyes and ears tuned to be there when you do.

Richard Martines


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