Saturday, May 14, 2005

Review of Revelations by John Berger

John Berger has been reviewing the music and entertainment scene in Hawaii for as long as I remember. Here's John's review of the CD Revelations that will soon be released.

Island Mele
John Berger

MICHAEL CHOCK: Revelations

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Michael Chock

Chock played Top 40 music as a member of Greenwood back in the 1970s, but makes his debut here as a singer/songwriter with this album of Christian music. Almost all of the songs are originals, in some cases, Chock wrote new melodies for existing lyrics. He also played acoustic guitar and trombone, as well as doing most of the singing. Co-producer Aaron Aranita provides the reeds, winds, bass, percussion and synth strings.

Most locally written Christian music puts "the Word" ahead of rhyme, rhythm and meter, so it's of primary interest to other members of the congregation. Some of Chock's writing is of this kind, and Aranita's arrangements are sometimes more than his synthesizers are capable of, but the two come up with some interesting ideas. For instance, reworking "Amazing Grace" as jazz and setting the familiar lyrics to a new melody pays off amazingly well.

Aranita also blends acoustic instruments and synthesizers on the uptempo "Give Thanks."

Mpeg Audio Clips:
"Call To Worship"
"Amazing Grace"
"Where Were You"
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