Monday, June 27, 2005

Seawind Reunion

It seems as though everyone and every other mothers' son and daughter, cousin or nephew who played in a band at one time or another has or is doing the reunion thing. The Ides of March, Jamestown Massacre, Herman's Hermits, the Buckinghams on the national scene, Power Point, Rock Candy, and Greenwood on the Hawaii scene. The reunion thing ain't no fluke, people just seem to enjoy seeing groups they grew up with back in action again.

One of the most legendary jazz groups with roots in Hawaii was the band Seawind, formerly known as Ox. I was blessed to see Bob Wilson, major songwriter and drummer of Seawind a couple years back in a workshop he and Christian worship leader Tommy Walker held at my former church. This cat looks a bit older, but man could he still play them skins. Wow!!!!! Recently this year all the members of the band Seawind came together to do the reunion thing. Now that my friend is a real reunion. The musicians and singer Pauline Wilson were always cool to the max. All the cliches fit these cool cats and feline. Awesome, right on, bad, mindboggling, if it means cool that was Seawind. This is something from Seawind's official website. Hooooo hoooo! Wish I was there. Maybe next time.

The Seawind Reunion Was a Major Success!!

Thanks to all of you Seawind fans who were able to attend!


Two incredible, sold-out nights of miraculous music at the beautiful Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts! Seawind performed many of their hits with updated new arrangements and surprised many of their fans with lots of stirring, brand new music! Some real healing took place on stage and in the audience! Deep emotions ran from tears to laughter and after 23 years of silence, it was pure joy to see Seawind back together once again! The concerts were musical history! A "moving" experience that will always be remembered! Yes, .....Seawind is back..... much older,....... much wiser,..... musically tighter,....and more mature than ever! Stay tuned Seawind fans, for a sizzling, brand new Seawind CD, coming later this year! Wait until you hear the new songs!

photograph by our long-time friend: PF Bentley

Thanks to everyone who attended the concerts! Thanks also to the fans, from around the world, who sent us their well-wishes, congratulations and prayers! There were many fans and family members who were there in spirit and many who traveled from Japan, Europe, Hawaii and from states abroad, to be a part of this long-awaited reunion! Seawind songs performed included "Devil Is A Liar", "Free", "Angel Of Mercy", "Pearl", "Sun Shadow", "Wayne", "Window Of A Child", "Everything Needs Love", "Invitation", "Liquid Spies", Inner Urge", "Rio De Janeiro Blue", "Good Morning Heartache", "Love Lost", "You're My Everything", "He Loves You", "Follow Your Road" and "Kept By Your Power". Augmenting the Seawind horn section were trumpeter, Gary Grant and trombone player, Bill Reichenbach! It was a wonderful reunion in many more ways than one!



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