Monday, July 25, 2005

Michael Paulo

Perhaps one of the most influential jazz musician to come out of the state of Hawaii is saxman Michael Paulo. I remember Michael Paulo many years ago in the early '70s as part of the high school dance band "Powerhouse Funk". We in the high school dance band circuit were totally in awe of the stuff this band was doing. While most of us bands were doing stuff like "Summer Sun" by the Jamestown Massacre and "Evil Ways" by Santana, Michael Paulo and the boys of "Powerhouse Funk" were tackling the complex stuff done by the legendary "Tower of Power", the uncut versions. To do this meant the band was talented, and that band was.

It's not a surprise to see where Michael Paulo is in the national music scene today, he comes from good music stock with his dad being none other than Hawaii jazz icon Rene Paulo. Michael's brother Irenio was in band with Aaron Aranita and myself at Waipahu High School playing drums and vibes. Other Paulo siblings of note include none other than Kathy Paulo, is it Kathy with a C or Kathy with a K? Oh well. Check out Michael Paulo's site. Good stuff. Makes us guys in Hawaii proud when a homegrown Hawaii talent makes the grade internationally. Cool!!!!



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