Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Now this is Cool & Tropical for sure

Ain't that picture cool??? Well this ain't about jazz, but if you live in the beautiful state of Hawaii we all know that in regards to sports entertainment that University of Hawaii Warrior football is what is really, really "cool" here. It was not so many years ago when the once proud college football program had hit rock, rock bottom. Totally uncool to hit the very, very bottom of the college football food chain. But amazingly, "then along came Jones", June Jones that is, to rescue the once proud program and bring cool back to the Hawaiian islands.A very controversial figure, but a cool guy, I remember June Jones back in my early college days at UH. There we were on the first day of class in Finance 300. Roll call time. Professor Freitas calls out, "June Jones, where is she". June, slouching in his chair, raised his hand. Yup, that was June Jones in my finance class. Who knew or who would have known that June would one day return to be our leader of our cool football program. Here's a link to the Wednesday, July 20, 2005 Honolulu Advertiser article written by Stephen Tsai and Ferd Lewis. Just a few weeks and them Trojans from USC will be in town. Hooooo hooooo!!!! Getting all excited to see the coolest sports entertainment in town back in gear. Now that is real cool and tropical!!!



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