Monday, July 24, 2006

Church is Cool man!!!!

Wooo hooo!!! Church was never like this when I was growing up!! The musical talent that goes thru churches these days is simply awesome. New Hope Leeward was the stage for world class classical guitarist Rodrigo Rodriguez yesterday. Owen Kajiwara, Greenwood's most excellent guitarist was all "ga ga" to be able to hear and see Rodrigo Rodriguez in the flesh. Originally from South America, Rodrigo's audience drastically switched as latter in his life he found a higher calling. What follows is a short blurb from Rodrigo's official website. His guitar playing? Indescribeably cool for an audience of "One"!!! Now that is sooooo cool!!!

If someone had told me years ago that I would on day only be playing my guitar around the world in churches and crusades, I would not have believed them thinking what an impossibility because I saw no reason or had any desire to go in that direction, but after coming into a true understanding of who Jesus is and his mighty love and forgiveness in my life, I now see everything clear.
I am no longer an entertainer, but have become a worshiper. I now go wherever the Lord opens the door to share.
In 1999, I became involved in full time ministry.
I've had the privilege to travel the globe and participate in crusades where there has been an attendance of 45,000 people or more. I've seen thousands of people make a life-changing decision to follow Jesus.
This will be the third year I've had the privilege to bring a crusade to my own country, Ecuador. In this events, there is always wonderful musicians and a Pastor to share the word and give the call.

I am receiving numerous request to travel to all parts of the world to administer the gospel, but I cannot do it without partners.
Partners both in prayer and financially.
Palondra Group Ministries is a non-profit organization that is a tool to receive tax-deductible donations that will enable me to respond to the many request to go to these places where they are unable to financially sponsor me.
Will you partner with me to get the music into the lives of people who need to be touched with God's presence?.

Music was created by God for his own pleasure, and I am using the gift of music to worship the Lord and share the great news of salvation. I realize that music is an incredible tool to attract non-believers and plant the seed of God's love.
I want to thank you for standing with me (either spiritually or financially) as we take the love of Jesus to those who so desperately need to be freed from the grip of sin and death.
May God Bless you far above anything you can imagine.

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Palondra Group Ministries
Board of Directors:
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Mary Rodriguez
Pastor Gary La Ferla
Dennis Morrison.


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