Sunday, March 25, 2007

Looking for a football team to play?

H20 powerhouse trumpet player Steve Matsumoto along with SOS LV vocalist, trumpet player and frontman Glenn Miyashiro.

Haha!!! Just a little inside joke for those who live in the 50th state. Did I mention that Greenwood is up to eleven? Last year trumpet player extraordinaire Steve Matsumoto, currently the leader of the cool Hawaii band H20, that's short for Hard 2 Oppose and not the chemistry symbol for water, joined the band. This year our band is up to eleven with the addition of Greenwood's orginal saxophone player Wayne Nakamura. That's Wayne standing furthest to the left in a really old picture of Greenwood in its formative years when everyone still had a lot of hair. In addition to Wayne you'll find two current Greenwood members in this picture, Robin Kimura and Owen Kajiwara.

The two additions make for a very full and powerful sound. The lineup for the May 5th event will feature a seven piece horn section with three trumpets, two tenor saxophones, one alto sax and a trombone. Greenwood in this configuration had a dry run playing at a fundraiser at the Hawaii Prince Hotel and it was really, really cool!!!! Welcome back Wayne and as Robin has said on more than a few times, "It's about time!!!"


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