Monday, May 12, 2008

The people behind the scenes......

So much work goes on behind the scenes for the 70's Nightclub Reunion......Robin Kimura was continuosly in touch with Robert Shinoda for over three years before Glass Candle became a part of this year's event.....Candy Au works out all of the nitty gritty details for the function from ticketing & seating to staffing for the evening....Irwin "Superman" Santos keeps up the official website and keeps himself in prime shape as the event's official doorman.....Tiny Tadani helps to keep the event fresh in the public's eye.......and last but not least there's Mike & Sandy Irish who generously continue to allow our band and other event bands to practice in their secret warehouse in Kakaako to prepare for the event (from left to right that's Sandy Irish, Mike Irish in the center & friend)......a big thank you to all of these people who make the event that's what I call real cool!!!!!


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