Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pam Gamboa Petersen

One of the coolest things about the 70's Reunion series is the opportunity to meet and listen to some really cool musicians and vocalists while seeing folk you would perhaps never again see in your life. I remember Robin talking to our band at the time we broke up in the early 1980s saying something like "old musicians never die, we just fade away into the sunset".One of the coolest female vocalist I've had the pleasure to meet via the 70's Reunion series is Pam Gamboa Petersen. A friend of mine had a way of describing a female vocalist who really knew how to "kick butt". "She growls" was how my friend described a really great singer we both knew. Well, in Pam Gamboa Petersen's case I would say that she really "growls". In addition to being a vocalist who "kick's butt" she's a talented musician as well. I look forward to seeing Pam back in action at one of the Reunion events fronting Asian Blend next year.Click on the "link" below for some footage of Pam from yesteryear. Pam's cool in my books.



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