Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cool Classic

Now these three guys are just cool classic in my books. The 3 Stooges will go down in history as the kings of slapstick comeday that can still be enjoyed today and forever.Growing up I must have seen all of the episodes on the kiddie show "Captain Honolulu". Ha, now that's really going back to the days of black & white TV and just showing my age. But Moe, Larry and Curly were pure genius and cool before cool was cool. They had everyone rolling with their antics and their before their time imagination. Their black and white short clips are classic and even today they have the audience rolling. In this short clip the 3 Stooges teach the class about the alphabets as divided into consonants and vowels using music. I remember back in the day when the guys who sang in our band Greenwood took singing lessons from the late Richard Aoyagi. Mr. Aoyagi always made us warm up by singing "na ne ni no nu" of which I'm reminded of as the 3 Stooges give their musical lesson.

Click on the link below and enjoy and listen to the singing. Listen to the tight vocal harmonies from the ladies and then how they jazz it up a bit. Soooooo smooth, so sweet and just so cool!!!!!



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