Sunday, June 22, 2008

Surfing is cool, but this is really cool

Surfing the internet is especially cool for someone who's lived in Hawaii all his life but doesn't know how to hang ten let alone hang out at the beach. Recently the legendary group Earth Wind & Fire came to Hawaii to play to a sold out audience.Surfing the net I found something pretty cool. Al McKay, former guitarist & co-songwriter with Earth Wind & Fire founder Maurice White, started to tour with his band called the Al McKay Allstars and they present a show called the Earth Wind & Fire Experience.As I read more about Al McKay past and present and the history of Earth Wind & Fire I was really amazed (in surfing for Earth Wind & Fire I also found that listed as one of the members of the band was a Bobby Gonzales....interesting, but we'll ask former Glass Candle member about this at a later date). As I surfed Al McKay's related website I stumbled upon exerpts of a DVD of the Al McKay Allstars' Earth Wind & Fire Experience as recorded from a concert they did in Europe. To say the least I was totally blown away. Click on the link below and check it out for yourself. The exerpts were totally cool!!! From all that I've read it's all live, no playing on top of tracks. Wow!! Cool is all I can say. Given the opportunity Al McKay Allstars' Earth Wind & Fire Experience would be one concert I wouldn't miss.



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