Friday, June 13, 2008

Some things take a little longer to happen....Part 2

They say that Rome wasn't built in a day, but hey that's cool. Just like building a thirty story condo it takes a while before the project takes shape. Surveys need to be done and then the foundation needs to be set before anything can really happen. The 70's Nightclub Reunion likewise took a while to really pick up steam. Talking to our bandleader Robin Kimura earlier tonight we laughed remembering when Candy Au first mentioned a next year before Reunion I was even finished. I really think that we thought it would be like what a well known football coach stressed........"One play and clear". But here we are looking forward to a cool tropical evening in February 2009 for Reunion V.

Going back to Glass Candle and Reunion IV it was a reunion in the making for about four years. After Reunion I Robin kept in touch with his cousin Dale who so happened to be the original trombone player for Glass Candle and Robert Shinoda (Glass Candle's leader). Robin always brought up the subject of a Glass Candle reunion to Robert at every possible opportunity there was.

I don't think Robert initially believed that any of his former bandmates would have any interest in any type of reunion which is pretty understandable since some thirty years had passed since the band disbanded. But after years of Robin's subtle hints Robert finally gave a call to original Glass Candle bass player Bruce Imai who had moved from Hawaii to Oakland, California just to see if there might be an interest. Lo and behold, "Let's do it" was Bruce's answer. Robert I think was in shock by this answer and by now the wheels or Bruce Imai's fingers were in motion trying to find former Glass Candle members who were willing to get back together for a reunion gig. Very quickly Robert and Bruce made contact with former bandmates in Hawaii, California, Las Vegas, New York and Florida who like Bruce were just so excited about playing together again. And as everyone now knows the rest is history. Now that is one really cool story, a story that just gives me that down to the bone good feeling. And it only took our bandleader Robin about four years of prodding. Glass Candle? A real cool band or some real cool guys doing it for the right reason.


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