Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the words of "KnightMoves808".....

Here's a review of this past Saturday night's 70's Nightclub Reunion IV by "KnightMoves808". "KnightMoves808" review plus his reviews of other happenings in Hawaii can be found on the webpages of the event's official doorman "Superman Irwin". Cool review.

70's Reunion Commentary 5/10/08
« on: Yesterday at 09:17:01 » First & foremost kudos and I mean choke kudos out to Candy. The band line ups has gotten better and the space efficiency at the event compared to last years' was evident. Only a few songs were duplicated in relation to being performed amongst the bands, but hey its a FIRST da buggahs nevah play "Mustang Sally!" Thank Goodness!

For 1st timers of Greenwood observers, I agree wholeheartedly that they are a very much fine tuned musical machine! Familiar hits kept coming with precision and promptly one after the other. None of this pause stuff while one fidgets on the dance floor waiting for the next number. Thats a sure sign these fellas had their mojos on kick-ass mode and not cruise control.

The one group dat delivered the knock out punch was PowerPoint! OMG! Hard core funk bringing dat ol'skool flavah in thru our pores and out thru our soles. Ohio Players hits and the like was churning out faster than an adjustment to boxers and briefs! They was on y'all! To the delite of island visitors and many, they didn't just go beyond the usual retro box, they set the standards for next year! Dats what I'm talk'n about, don't be just play'n 70's....bring it back baaaaad to da bone and funk in some Parliament, GQ, and true dance playahs! Folks these fells didn't need no choreography, hell they was groov'n to it cuz they was in daZone!

The only low light was the lights in the ballroom was an irritant for most since it was a skosh too bright. We're boomers not disabled Hey did someone mention missing fog and DUI lites?

Kudos as well to the sound folks. Only the last group appeared to waiver in vocal clarity. Compared to the years before, this nite's was mighty mighty!

Ahhhh Tiny, the booming personality behind dat voice. Quick on his feet and faster on the mike. There were some "air space" but nothing that Tiny couldn't handle. Me thinks if he paired up with a female co-host, it would add to the ambience. Speaking of, whats a costume contest without dancing in them? Just flashing back to da days...

In closing, met Robin of Greenwood. Never really met him prior to this night, but lemme say that in the course of my crossing paths with those in this industry, few have that spiritual energy that resonates such as his. I am honored and moved by his acknowledgement. My brother, you are kindred as well and your efforts will always live on in many of our hearts.

All in all, most stayed till the end unlike the prior ones. The collective energy was reciprocated and then some!

This was much more fun than the Old School Funk & Soul event. Word!
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