Friday, June 20, 2008

Phase VII at the 70's Nightclub Reunion V

Had a nice talk with Phase VII bandleader Van DeGuzman yesterday and boy is he excited. Spurred on by more and more original members from bands such as Glass Candle and the New Experience participating in the Reunion series, Van pulled out all the stops and is in the final stages of putting together Phase VII's 2009 edition which will tentatively be made up of both original members and musicians who played with the band during its glory days in the 70's in Waikiki.

The picture above from left to right are Van DeGuzman, Hemingway Jasmin, Clark Silva, Eric Kutzen, Sandy Pascua, Bert DeJesus and Les Fernandez during Phase VII's peak of popularity. Tentatively scheduled to grace the stage in 2009 are the following:

Van DeGuzman - Vocals/Saxophone/Keyboards

Hemingway Jasmin - Keyboards/Vocals

Eric Kutzen - Bass/Vocals

Clark Silva - Trumpet/Vocals

Teddy Compehos - Drums/Vocals

Adney Atabay - Trumpet/Vocals/Percussion

Eddie Ramirez - Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Trombone/Flute/Keyboards/Vocals

Wow!!!! Now this is pretty, pretty cool if you ask me!!!


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