Friday, June 13, 2008

The 70's Nightclub Reunion Series....

From a one night event the 70's Nightclub Reunion has become a series. Each year seems to build upon the previous year getting better and better. The famous saying in showbiz is "so what do we do for an encore"? Just some wishful thinking here but if it were possible these are a few bands who would be on my wish list who would really make the Reunion event really, really cool. First on my cool list would be none other than the band that had peeps standing in line till the wee hours of the night at the Hula Hut on Beachwalk Avenue in Waikiki, Natural High.Next on my cool wish list would be the Kasuals from Guam who were the six night band at places such as the Waikiki Beef N' Grog,the Foxy Lady 2 in the Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel and the C'est Si Bon in the Pagoda Hotel.
Finally on my shortlist is the short-lived band Golden Throat which featured Hawaii icon Nohelani Cypriano and keyboard wizard Dennis Graue who had a short stint as the six night band at the Waikiki Beef N' Grog.Wishful thinking on my part but if Glass Candle, White Light and all the other bands can come back, we can cross our fingers and just who knows. Now the addition of any of the above bands would be pretty, pretty cool!


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