Friday, June 20, 2008

The Big Banditos

Growing up as a kid in Waipahu many, many years ago I had no idea that my classmate Aaron Aranita would become a musical monster. Aaron was always creative artistically but his musical skills just didn't show up somehow until his junior year in high school when he said that for some reason the light switch was turned on. In Aaron's latest adventure he takes on the role of big band arranger pulling together some big jazz musicians and vocalists in his current project "The Big Bandito" aka the "Sugartown Mongoose Pack".One of Hawaii's well known entertainer/singer Garry Moore, who's been seen around town doing vocal impressions of some nationally well known cats, is one of a bevy of talented vocalists recruited by Aaron.DeShannon Higa lends his amazing talents taking the lead on trumpet, playing unabashed and with feeling that gives you goose bump.Island jazz vets Chuck James on drums and Ernie Provencher on upright bass help Aaron lay the foundation of some really cool big band arrangements that you'd think you would hear only on the big island of America. The project is moving along and is soon to be completed. Aaron Aranita and the Big Banditos. Now that's pretty cool from some pretty cool cats indeed!!!!

Aaron Aranita: News

The Big Banditos - June 8, 2008
A new big band album of original songs and arrangements will be out soon. Reminiscent of the Rat Pack Era and the Count Basie Orchestra

Featuring vocalists, Brian Chang, Alwyn Erub, Garry Moore, Ace Thomson, Keahi Conjugacion, Al Romero and Michael Chock.

Chuck James, James Ganeko -drums

Ernie Provencher- Upright Bass

Aaron Aranita-electric bass

David Yamasaki, Brian Chang -Guitars

Aaron Aranita -Piano- keyborads

Deshannon Higa, Don Smith, Bob Scellato - Trumpets

Patrick Hennessy, Kyle Hanki, Dick Bowman -trombones

Aaron Aranita - Flute, Soprano,Alto, Tenor and Bari Saxophones


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