Monday, June 23, 2008

Melveen Leed......Molokai's gift to the world....

Every once in a while I have been fortunate enough to watch the girl from Molokai do her thing. Last week Sunday for father's day my daughter-in-law took us to Chai's Bistro in the Aloha Tower Marketplace. Lo and behold to my delight and pleasure Melveen Leed and local singer/guitarist Tito Berinobis were on stage to share their wonderful musical gifts while we leisurely dined on Chai's sumptuous father's day brunch selections. I didn't know that the talented Melveen played keyboards but on this day she was behind the electronic ivory entertaining the father's day crowd with her singing, playing and her joking. Melveen Leed.....thank you Molokai for your gift to the world. Click on the link below to see Melveen Leed almost live from the Waikiki Outrigger Hotel. Melveen's cool in my books!!



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