Friday, July 04, 2008

Solo performance by Robert Lamm

When you talk about music, one of the groups that pretty much comes up all the time is "Chicago".COURTESY CHICAGOTHEBAND.COM
Chicago features the talents of original members Lee Loughname, left, Walt Parazaider, James Pankow and Robert Lamm, plus Bill Champlin, Jason Scheff, Keith Howland and Tris Imboden.

Many have asked the question "What does 25 or 6 to 4" mean. Like other songs such as the Eagles classic "Hotel California" everybody and his or her mother's cousin had their long lost meaning. Perhaps the best way to get the meaning of a song or it's title is to ask the songwriter. When asked what "25 or 6 to 4" meant, songwriter Robert Lamm of the group Chicago clarified that it was just meant to be a temporary name for the tune until a better title came up. The song was basically about him having a difficult time writing a song and the song was written somewhere in the morning somewhere between three thirty four or five. You might ask, then why not call it "3 thirty 4 or 5"? But even though it was supposed to only be a temporary name, Robert Lamm used the artistical side of his brain to say three thirty four or five in the reverse, "25 or 6 to 4", that's twenty five or six minutes to 4 A.M..

Pretty cool huh? Robert Lamm wrote this classic song but Peter Cetera, he with the unhumanly tenor timbre was the voice that made the song so famous. Here in a solo performance from New Zealand is Robert Lamm singing the song that he wrote decades ago. If a few of the players look familiar they should. Supporting Robert Lamm in his performance are Chicago founding member Lee Loughnane on trumpet, current Chicago drummer Tris Imboden and current Chicago bass player/vocalist Jason Scheff.

Click on the link below. This is a pretty cool video. Robert Lamm. Cool!!!



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