Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cool picture courtesy of "Mid-Life Crisis" blogger Rodney Lee

If the faces in this picture look familiar they should. Here's a very cool gem of a picture from Rodney Lee's personal collection of stuff. This is a picture of the group "Talisman", a group that laid the foundation for the Hawaii band "Natural High". I may be wrong on some of the names here but front row from left to right is keyboardist Dean Minatoya (not 100% sure), bassist and bandleader Pat Diresta, lead vocalist Kenneth Uyeno. Back row from left to right, trombonist/percussionist Jensen Tamanaha, lead vocalist/harp Roy Yonashiro, trumpeteer Richard Field, drummer Brian Shiroma, and finally on guitar/trumpet/vocals Edwin Salaguban. This picture brings back memories for me especially of my classmate from either kindergarten or 1st grade Edwin Salaguban. Just about two weeks ago my good friend and fellow musician Aaron Aranita called me. He'd been looking at the obituaries and happened to see a name. "Mike, I found this Edwin Salaguban from Waipahu in the obituaries. Is this the Edwin we know?" I checked as well and sure enough it was Edwin. Edwin was born one day after me, the same year. Over the years I had lost touch with him, but I remember the days growing up as kids in the same class, causing all kinds of trouble, playing in the school band and the same band "Friends" in the formative years. Edwin was a true talent, a very good artist, talented guitarist/songwriter/singer and trumpet player as well. I look back at the some pretty funny and fond memories with Edwin. We had our differences growing up as friends and school mates, but nothing that kids don't go thru, but he'll always be cool in my book!!!! Rest in peace Edwin!!!!


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I was doing some searches and came across this picture. I am the niece of Edwin Salaguban. I was really close to him and was very shocked to come across this :) This actually made me tear.. Thank you so much for your kind words..


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