Thursday, March 29, 2007

Once upon a time.......

One of the reasons why Candy Au and Robin Kimura came up with the idea for the 70's Nightclub Reunion was to get together as many bands and their original bandmembers that played in the 70's danceband/nightclub era and to give everyone who lived during those days a night to go back to a time that was so cool. Not unlike class reunions it's just cool to see everyone, think back and just fondly remember a time when life was a little bit more "carefree", even though the brain cells might just be a step or two short of being all there.Speaking of memories, check out these photos that were taken about thirty years ago that were found in storage in Robin's closet. Also check out the current pictures of Greenwood drummer Brad Choi and Robin Kimura. Still looking for a current photo of Greenwood's original sax player Wayne Nakamura, but can you say, "Geez!!! They look like kids!!!!". Cool stuff though, and that's what this reunion gig is all about.


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