Friday, April 13, 2007

Back to the future......

When Greenwood officially broke up in the early 80's who would have thunk? Is "thunk" a word?All these reunion stuff is quite amazing, and what's even more amazing is for a band of our size to be able to bring back so many original members. With the exception of trumpet player extraordinaire Steve Matsumoto, every member on stage for the 70's Nightclub Reunion was a playing member of Greenwood. Perhaps one day maybe, Steven Lee our other lead singer when the band broke up may just show up. We'll leave that one to the higher power above. For now though it's Greenwood at the Ala Moana Hotel!!! Again.Just so happened to be going thru some stuff at home and found these pictures of my wife's and my wedding reception. Yup, that's our band Greenwood alright twenty four years ago in the very room where this year's 70's Nightclub Reunion III will be held. Has it been that long? The pictures are small but you get the gist. By the way, the pictures were of the band one year after we officially disbanded, but we got together to play informally for about thirty minutes or so. I don't think we even practiced, or did we? Cool pictures. More hair and a few pounds lighter!!!


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