Friday, July 18, 2008

The Gals will be out in force in 2009

When news broke a little after the 70's Nightclub Reunion IV that Ashberry would be the final act for Reunion V, Garrett Shirai gave Robin a tentative lineup which included former Miss Hawaii Traci Toguchi. The Ashberry that played six nights at the Sting Nightclub at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel in the 70's was fronted by Karen Cartwright. It was pretty cool to watch a band comprised of local boys from Hawaii and Karen Cartwright who so happened to be blonde. Nothing can ever be written in stone in this life except death and taxes as they say, but if things go according to plans it will be Traci Toguchi upfront for Ashberry in February, 2009.
2009 should be quite an interesting year indeed for the Reunion series as we should be in for a treat to hear the girls fronting several of the bands, Joy of White Light, Beverly & Chris of Aura, Pam Gamboa Petersen of Asian Blend and finally Traci with Ashberry. Pretty cool!!! Click on the link below to see Traci Toguchi captured live on YouTube!!!



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