Thursday, February 09, 2006

So how'd it go??? Thanks for asking!!!!!

The 70s Nightclub Reunion II came and went just like that. Eight hundred fifty were in the house hitting the dance floor from the first note that was played. Wow!!!! More on the Reunion later but for now here's something from John Berger who's always on The Scene in our aloha state. Just for fun you match the pictures with John Berger's verbage. Hooo hooo!!!! Do I hear a 70s Nightclub Reunion III?? Stay tuned........

Vol. 11, Issue 39 - Wednesday, February 8, 2006 Internet

On the Scene John Berger

Van De Guzman, standing left, and Hemingway Jasmin, standing center, founding members of Phase VII, welcomed Glenn Miyashiro, front left, Mike De Guzman and Jonathan Kaina of the Society of Seven-LV to "The '70s Nightclub Reunion II" Saturday at the Renaissance Ililkai Waikiki Hotel. Jasmin and Van De Guzman were the only original members of Phase VII at the show, but with the SOS-LV horn section sitting in, they closed the night with a set that had more punch than the original lineup did.

Frank B. Shaner, left, emcee of "The '70s Nightclub Reunion II," congratulated promoter Robin Kimura, right, and Greenwood member Curt Takahama, as a capacity crowd of more than 850 partied in the Pacific Ballroom at the Ilikai. Since Kimura was the promoter, his band, Greenwood, opened for the others.

Society of Seven-LV members William Daquioag, left, Richard Natto and Freddy Von Perez listened to Phase VII and the SOS-LV horns after Von Perez finished a reunion set with Power Point. Von Perez said he would have sat in with the other groups too, but Saturday is a work night for the SOS-LV.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Two, count 'em, two days and counting.....

Hey Van you haven't aged a bit....What's your secret?
That's Irwin the 70s Nightclub Reunion official doorman and Candy Au the head honcho for this event..........

All the promos set up by our bandleader Robin has been done, all the players are in town and there's only one more thing to happen.....two, one, it's showtime..........

Had a great time over dinner with good friend Van deGuzman and his right hand man Hemingway Jasmin......Shabu Shabu!!!! Healthy and delicious.......talking over old times and the upcoming show, it's gonna be a real cooooool time....real, real cool......"how old you Hemingway?"...."I old, fifty six".......the years have passed by so quickly......i remember hearing of Hemingway with the old, old time bands like the Mopptopps and Beowolf....sheesh, time does wait for noone...

Early this morning got a first hand report from our lead guitarist Owen Kajiwara about their practice last night with Phase VII......hooo hooo, Owen give it a whopping two thumbs up....nothing but high praises for Van's and Hemingway's professionalism......then just a few minutes ago got another report from Robin how had just spoken to Van.....nothing but praises for the professionalism of Owen, Dwayne and Brad from our band Greenwood......totally's such a treasured time for people we all once had a friendly competition with when we were playing the nightclub gigs in the 70s to all come together to remember a time that was so special and so cool......

Latest scoops.....spoke to Robin Kimura our bandleader and unofficial promoter of this even just a few minutes ago and as of early this morning a little over five hundred tickets have already been pre-sold for this!!!!! and we still got the rest of Thursday, Friday and Saturday to go......for those who come it'll be priceless.....

Added to the lineup with Van de Guzman and Phase VII will be the horn players/singers from the SOS LV.......Jonathan K on sax and Glenn M on trumpet will be joining fellow SOS LVer Mike D (Van's brother)on sax to blow with Van to close out the evening for the 70s Nightclub Reunion Part II.......hey, with Freddie Paraz of the SOS LV playing with Power Point that makes four sevenths of the hottest showband in the islands at this that in itself is really cool, and that's what this event is all about......

Well it's two days and counting......see you all there on a "Cool Tropical Night in Paradise from the Renaissance Ilikai Hotel" at 8pm sharp this Saturday!!!!! Don't miss it, it's what cool is all about!!!!!!

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