Friday, April 28, 2006

Casuals with a that means it's the Kasuals.....

A little ditty on one of the most popular nightclub bands to hit the islands of Hawaii. It was the 70s and this grouped reigned and played to standing room only crowds at the C'est SiBon nightclub. We were privileged to play the off nights at the C'est SiBon and were fortunate to meet the Kasuals. Great guys, talented and full of energy and charistma.

The Kasuals
The first "Casuals" formed in 1962 and enjoyed a short run before disbanding a few years later. Guitarist Frank Mendiola and bass player Danny Perez re-formed the band, spelled it with a "K" and ventured to new heights. Among some of the people who joined were Jesse Bais, Patrick Palomo, Zack Flores and the original drummer, Roger Jereza. Brothers Sal and Mike Di Amore also joined, along with Eddy Acfalle. Guest musicians Ruby Santos and Mark Eclavea will join them onstage this Sunday.
"It's a variety show," says Bais.

"Yeah, I can tell you that it will be appropriate for all ages," says Perez.

"I want it to be a surprise," says Mendiola. "But we will have Chamorro '70s music and a variety of stuff."

"Yeah, a lot of people have gone out to make albums, so we'll have stuff from everybody's albums," says Perez.

Where'd the time go????

The 70's Nightclub Reunion II came and went just like that!!!! It's been a while since there's been anything posted on this site due to the nature of the reason for the season. What was that? Anyway, here's a few candid pictures taken by Greenwood's original drummer Brad Choi who took part in Reunion II as a part of Greenwood and Phase VII. Can you say the 70's Nightclub Reunion III? More on that later but it's looking like Robin Kimura is hard at work trying to line up the bands once again to make it a three-peat. Robin is hard at work trying to get the majority of that popular group from Guam back together for a blast from the past. As time gets closer more will be written. Should make for an interesting evening of music and a stroll down memory lane again. But for now here's a few candid shots courtesy Brad Choi.

Legendary Hawaii keyboardist/musician Hemingway Jasmin, an original member of Phase VII, member of Beowolf, the Mopptopps, later member of the Krush, music director of the Don Ho show and keyboardist with Tino & the Rhythm Klub.

Freddy Paraz drummer extraordinaire of the SOS LV and formerly of Power Point, High Noon and the New Generation.

The bandmembers of the Point After's house band Power Point.

None other than Las Vegas' best one man band, Van DeGuzman, founder and orginal member of Phase VII and then part of such groups as the Wiz Kidz and tons of other groups.

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