Friday, July 28, 2006

It's gonna be HOT in these cool tropical isles....

Greenwood's lead singer Curtis Takahama always had the knack of finding those little pieces of trivia and things nobody else ever heard about and at our group's get together a while back at the Takahama's I remember him saying, "Eh, Mike, listen to this arrangement of "Save the Last Dance for Me". You know, that old 1960s classic. Wow!!! Did the song, arrangement and singer blow me away!!! Woooo hooo!! ! Michael Buble'!!! You talk to the local musicians in town and the buzz is Michael Buble' and his big band. Now that is really, really cool!!!!!!

WEEKEND: JULY 28/29/30

It’s Bublé’s time to shine
By Gary C.W. Chun
Like his hero, the late Bobby Darin, Michael Bublé hits the stage first and foremost to entertain.

It doesn't hurt that the young man has a set of pipes compared to those of the Chairman of the Board himself, Frank Sinatra. With that kind of credit, it's no surprise that the 30-year-old Canadian is a Genuine Pop Star.

Michael Bublé
Place: Blaisdell Arena
Time: 8 p.m. Friday

Tickets: $45, $55 and $65

Call: 591-2211 or online at

Also: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Maui Arts & Cultural Center, same ticket prices. Call 808-242-7469 or online at

The effusive Bublé is looking forward to ending his world tour in Hawaii with his 12-piece band, in support of his 2005 sophomore release, "It's Time." Buoyed by such hits as the self-penned "Home" and a cover of the Drifters' chestnut "Save the Last Dance for Me," the album has collected four Junos (Canada's equivalent of the Grammy Awards).

He had just returned to his Los Angeles hotel room on a rare day off last week to talk by phone about his busy life.

Introduced to swing by his grandfather, the Vancouver-born Bublé has been a trouper since age 16, singing in talent shows and conventions back-and-forth across Canada. Now that he's hit the big three-oh, he says he may "complain a little more on and off the road, but this way of life does keep you forever young."

He was especially enthusiastic about a recent project, an NBC special honoring Tony Bennett's 80th birthday, to air around Thanksgiving.

"It's going to also have some other 'little acts' you may have heard of -- Paul McCartney, Elton John -- and it was directed by Rob Marshall, who did 'Chicago' and 'Memoirs of a Geisha.' " Other guests will include Stevie Wonder, k.d. lang, Diana Krall and John Legend, with narration by Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

"It'll be tough to fill the shoes of such an iconic singer," Bublé said. "It's going to be a wonderful variety show. We just taped it a week ago. I'll be in a huge production number, doing 'Just in Time,' complete with choreography. I can't tell you how excited I am about this."

"I show people that I'm not just one thing. ... I recently visited a record shop here, and a young Goth kid behind the counter told me that he never saw so many different people buy my album."

BUBLÉ REALIZES he's in a fortunate position. "While Bobby Darin's versatility was shocking -- he went from rock 'n' roll to swing to folky stuff at the end of his life -- he didn't do it all at once. I consider myself lucky that, in this time I live in, I can kind of dabble a bit on each record that I've done. Like on 'Time,' I was able to do classic songs like 'A Foggy Day (in London Town)' and 'I've Got You Under My Skin,' and turn it around and do songs from Otis (Redding), the Beatles and George Michael. So I can do all styles and stretch out a bit.

"I show people that I'm not just one thing. The people that come to my shows, I see a lot of kids, teenage girls, black and white folk, gay and straight. ... I recently visited a record shop here, and a young Goth kid behind the counter told me that he never saw so many different people buy my album. I'm trying to be all things to all people."

Bublé has been tutored by some of the best in the business. Industry veteran Tommy LiPuma helped produce "It's Time," and Bublé's also worked with Grammy-winning producer David Foster, who helped get him his recording contract after hearing him sing at the 2000 wedding of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's daughter.

"I also had a long talk with Tony Bennett, and he basically said 'Mike, you can't worry what other people think. So long as you can look into the audience, and the public likes what you're doing, that'll help you sleep at night."

Bublé is also encouraged that success is coming on his own terms. "My biggest hit so far has been 'Home,' something I wrote myself. Here, I'm supposed to be better known as an interpreter. I've gone on to have written a couple more songs, but I don't want to lose myself, thinking I can only repeat a formula that has made me popular. I promise you that each successive record will show growth ... and show a better perspective of myself as an artist."
the man has put together a crack band that can keep up with him.

"Four and a half years ago, I assembled these guys from all over, young jazz musicians, and chose who I thought could also bring a pop sensibility. Guys who could do Michael Jackson as well as Hoagy Carmichael. And the horn section swings really hard, inspired by both Count Basie and Earth Wind and Fire.

"When we're on the tour bus, we're not just a wanky bunch of guys. We're also listening to things like Nelly Furtado's 'Promiscuous' and country music."

He's is eager to show Honolulu what they can do together.

"I've gone to lot of concerts of big acts, and I've been bored to death. I mean, they've got great music ... but I could've just as well stayed home, had a glass of wine, listened to their CDs and been just as entertained.

"It's hugely important that people be able to take away something from my concerts. I think it's a big responsibility to both entertain people and myself. For example, a buddy of mine recently saw Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and he said they rocked. It was the whole package, and that's how it should be.

"My success is greatly due to the show I put on. Once you're on stage, you're naked, you can't hide anything."

Monday, July 24, 2006

Church is Cool man!!!!

Wooo hooo!!! Church was never like this when I was growing up!! The musical talent that goes thru churches these days is simply awesome. New Hope Leeward was the stage for world class classical guitarist Rodrigo Rodriguez yesterday. Owen Kajiwara, Greenwood's most excellent guitarist was all "ga ga" to be able to hear and see Rodrigo Rodriguez in the flesh. Originally from South America, Rodrigo's audience drastically switched as latter in his life he found a higher calling. What follows is a short blurb from Rodrigo's official website. His guitar playing? Indescribeably cool for an audience of "One"!!! Now that is sooooo cool!!!

If someone had told me years ago that I would on day only be playing my guitar around the world in churches and crusades, I would not have believed them thinking what an impossibility because I saw no reason or had any desire to go in that direction, but after coming into a true understanding of who Jesus is and his mighty love and forgiveness in my life, I now see everything clear.
I am no longer an entertainer, but have become a worshiper. I now go wherever the Lord opens the door to share.
In 1999, I became involved in full time ministry.
I've had the privilege to travel the globe and participate in crusades where there has been an attendance of 45,000 people or more. I've seen thousands of people make a life-changing decision to follow Jesus.
This will be the third year I've had the privilege to bring a crusade to my own country, Ecuador. In this events, there is always wonderful musicians and a Pastor to share the word and give the call.

I am receiving numerous request to travel to all parts of the world to administer the gospel, but I cannot do it without partners.
Partners both in prayer and financially.
Palondra Group Ministries is a non-profit organization that is a tool to receive tax-deductible donations that will enable me to respond to the many request to go to these places where they are unable to financially sponsor me.
Will you partner with me to get the music into the lives of people who need to be touched with God's presence?.

Music was created by God for his own pleasure, and I am using the gift of music to worship the Lord and share the great news of salvation. I realize that music is an incredible tool to attract non-believers and plant the seed of God's love.
I want to thank you for standing with me (either spiritually or financially) as we take the love of Jesus to those who so desperately need to be freed from the grip of sin and death.
May God Bless you far above anything you can imagine.

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Palondra Group Ministries
Board of Directors:
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Mary Rodriguez
Pastor Gary La Ferla
Dennis Morrison.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hey.....I Know that Man!!!!

Okay, before you say, "whoever's doing this blog is beginning to go to the dark side" or "I knew that it was just a matter of time before this blog would start showing bikini clad babes", let me explain. I've known John Berger pretty much since the early 70s and now he's the man who tells us via photos what's happening around town. I like checking his section out to just see "what's happening". This morning, lo and behold as I scanned John Berger's On The Scene, "Hey, who's that man with the goattee? Andrew Le, hey, I know that man." Andrew Le, part of the Le family that owns Toys N' Joys in Kaimuki and Westridge Shopping Center, practically growing up right in front of my eyes to become one of the big boys with the Hawaii International Film Festival, better known as HIFF. Andrew Le was also part of a group of people who produced the Hawaii series "Blood of the Samurai" which I believe came out last year. Watching people grow up right in front of your eyes is pretty cool. Oh, the pictures pretty cool too!!!



Tracy Elkind, left, and SMART magazine editor Sarah Honda, second from left, welcomed Hawaii International Film Festival Manager Trevor Tavares, center, Chantal Truong and Anderson Le to "Summer Heat." Elkind spent most of the evening standing next to a bright yellow 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder two-seater. Her bikini is by the Allure Swim Boutique.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Krush - Flashback

One of the most successful bands to come out of Hawaii was the Krush. From their humble Wailua roots back in the early 70s as the Exotic 5, then becoming the New Experience, the Fabulous Krush and then to simply the Krush, the band is still active performing at various venues. Former members have gone on to gigs in Las Vegas and to form other successful groups but in their heyday nobody could touch the Krush. They were a cool group to watch and listen to. Here's something written a little while back by John Berger. Cool reading!!COURTESY OF TIHATI
Friday, August 12, 2005

Krush rises again for 1-night club show

By John Berger

The Krush is back! Edwin Ramones, the leader of the three previous generations of the group, has resurrected the act once again for a one-nighter Saturday at the Esprit Nightclub in the Sheraton Waikiki. Ramones, whose primary instrument over the years has been keyboards, is the only member of any of the three previous versions of the Krush that is participating in what might be dubbed "The Krush 4.0."

The Krush
Where: Esprit Nightclub, Sheraton Waikiki Hotel
When: 7:45 p.m. Saturday

Cover: $15

Call: 545-3642

The other members of the new lineup are Aaron Kaleo Agsalda (lead vocals), Robin Canencia (guitar/vocals), Annamarie Love (lead vocals), Jorell Nacapuy (keyboards/vocals), Michael Nacapuy (bass/vocals) and Alvin Paguio (drums).

The Krush will take the stage starting at 7:45 to do a floor show. They'll switch over to being a club band at 9:30 for your dancing pleasure until 2 in the morning.

With the addition of a female vocalist to what has been an all-male act for 28 years, the Krush is again following in the footsteps of the Society Of Seven. (The SOS was an all-male act for over 30 years -- longer if you trace the SOS' history back to its origins as The Fabulous Echoes -- before it added Philippine concert star Lani Misalucha to its lineup in Las Vegas).

The story of Ramones and the Krush began in 1977 when Yemun Chung, one of the top talent managers and booking agents of the day, took several members of a marginally successful cover band named New Experience, added dynamic Bobby Gonzales of Glass Candle, and announced the debut of a new show band, the Fabulous Krush.

Chung ran a tight ship. Members came and went -- not always leaving on good terms with Chung and the group -- but careerwise, the Fabulous Krush went straight up.

Their self-titled debut album won three Na Hoku Hanohano Awards back in 1981. It took them less than five years to go from nothing to being a headliner attraction at the Outrigger Hotel's main showroom, where they split the year with the SOS.

THINGS changed after Chung resigned as manager and announced he was retiring from show business. Free for the first time to chart their own destiny, the group moved away from light pop material and got into a louder and more rock-oriented sound that eventually didn't fit the showroom formula perfected for the Outrigger.

The now-named Krush ("Fabulous" had been dropped several years earlier) lost the steady Outrigger gig and had to spend more time touring on the mainland. Ramones quit the group in 1987, saying that he planned to remain on the mainland with his wife and sons. The group subsequently dissolved without public announcement.

By the middle of 1991, however, Ramones was back in Hawaii. He resurrected the Krush around a core group of veterans -- founding member Gonzales, plus two of the guys who had come and gone between 1977 and 1985, Hal Bradbury and Jesse Gamiao. Wes Aoki, Hemingway Jasmin and Lucky Salvador completed the new Krush. The group worked with Don Ho at the Polynesian Palace but disbanded after Ho moved to the Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel.

Ramones resurrected the group for a third time in 1997 and the band opened as the headliners at the then-named Esprit Lounge. Ramones, Gamiao and Salvador were the veterans this time, joined by new members Darryl Anguay, William Daquioag, Tino Ibach and Richard Natto.

The Krush headlined the Esprit for several years, with Ibach emerging as the charismatic front man of the group, but eventually broke up after Natto was invited to join the SOS Las Vegas band. Ibach and Salvador then founded Tino & The Rhythm Klub and stayed on at the Esprit for several years.

And now, Ramones is back with a new version of the Krush for 2005. As some of our readers may remember, Ramones sang lead on the Krush's popular cover of the Rascals' "My Hawaii" back in the day.

Saturday's audience can look forward to a night of nostalgia at the Esprit.

Annette Alcos Oasay Revisited

I remembering first meeting Annette Alcos Oasay at New Hope Leeward serving together on the worship team when services were held at the Leeward Community College theatre. Blessed with a most beautiful voice and yet very humble and down to earth. Always the professional and versatile in music stylyings, Annette has been part of the Hawaii music scene all around the islands for several years and has been part of various recording projects. What follows is a blurb by Hawaii's own John Berger, the man who knows the who's who in the Hawaii music and entertainment scene.

Island Mele

By John Berger,
Special to the Star-Bulletin
Friday, April 25, 1997

Pictures and Memories: By various artists (Pa'ani Records)

PRODUCER/composer/recording artist Freddy Von Paraz introduces a new group and previews a new album by Annette Alcos in this retrospective of his work. Priced several dollars below regular "list price" for local discs, it is an economical introduction to the some of the best local pop acts of the early 1990s.

Alcos' new song, "Will You Be Mine," proves once again her strength as an appealing and seductive vocalist; she's certainly due a hit.

"Aina," by New School Ohana, is a snapshot of a work-in-progress. (Some of the personnel have changed and the group is now recording as Ohana Camp.) The song is a poignant portrait of life in modern Hawaii that should already be getting airplay on island music radio stations statewide.

The brightest memories are the songs Von Paraz co-wrote, "Hugs and Kissses" and "Heartaches and Heartbreaks" for New Generation, "Hold on to Love" and "Special Place" for Leahi, and Alcos' recording of "I'll Be There (Turner's Song)," which Von Paraz and Young wrote as a requiem for their friend Turner Pa'ea. No one has sung it with greater feeling than Alcos.

TNG clones Brotherhood are recalled by their recording of another memorable Von Paraz composition, "Send A Message."

John Berger, who has covered the local entertainment scene since 1972, writes reviews of recordings produced by Hawaii artists. See the Star-Bulletin's Home Zone section on Fridays for the latest reviews.

See Record Reviews for some of John Berger's past reviews.

Life goes on.....It's all Cool........

The 70s Nightclub Reunion I and II were a blast and so cool. But, as things would happen, with the 70s Nightclub Reunion III all but set to go and just waiting for March 2007 to roll around, who would have thought that the Ilikai hotel, known worldwide as the setting of the now famous Hawaii 5-0 weekly introduction of Steve "Book 'em Danno" MaGarrett, would be sold? Hey, but it's all cool for us but lives and livelihoods are in limbo for the staff and management of the old Ilikai. It'll all work out, but for now the 70s Nightclub Reunion III is on the backburner. Will keep you posted with up to date developments. Six hundred attendees in year one, eight hundred fifty in the second year and it was looking like over a thousand for round three. Never say never, the 70s Nightclub Reunion III could still happen. Now that would be really, really cool!!!!!!!

Vol. 11, Issue 195 - Friday, July 14, 2006

New Ilikai owner plans $40 million remake
The Waikiki hotel's Yacht Harbor Tower will be redeveloped by an unannounced third party
By Nina Wu
Gone is the Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel. Born is the Ilikai -- Where Waikiki Begins.

With the Anekona Development Group as the new owner of the hotel, the Ilikai is to be transformed into a more contemporary, hip and upscale destination.

But the $40 million in renovations won't come without intermediate pains. Some parts of the hotel, including a portion of the Yacht Harbor Tower, will be closed off while the work is under way.

The tower will be completely redeveloped with a third-party partner that has yet to be announced, according to a press release issued yesterday.

The hotel is informing callers that it won't be taking reservations for the Pacific Ballroom beyond Sept. 6.

Dozens of brides, meanwhile, are uncertain about whether their weddings can still take place at the hotel's Angel Chapel By The Sea following September.

At least one, Kimberly Yokoyama, was worried enough about the chapel's future to rebook her November wedding at an alternative site.

She said she had booked the Angel Chapel a year in advance, and wanted to put down a deposit, but a hotel employee answering her phone call informed her it would be closed.

The chapel has been in business at the Ilikai for at least 15 years, offering many Japanese visitors, as well as local couples, wedding services.

Kathy Porter, president of Aloha Bridal Gallery, says the chapel is a popular choice among out-of-town couples. Porter has arranged more than 20 weddings at the chapel, but said she would have to find an alternative site for one of her clients because of the uncertainty.

Besides the chapel, the Yacht Harbor Tower is also home to Tanaka of Tokyo restaurant and a small jewelry and gift shop called Heidi's.

None of a handful of businesses surveyed yesterday had yet received notice regarding their leases.

Many said the believe that Hard Rock was planning to redevelop the tower, transforming it into more of a contemporary resort, complete with cabanas overlooking the ocean.

Anekona Development purchased the Ilikai from Forward One LLC, a California-based company with ties to Taiwan, for what was reportedly upwards of $200 million.

Local developer Brian Anderson of Anekona wants to reposition the property, built in the early 1960s by the late Chinn Ho, to target a younger demographic.

"We want a resort that caters to the discerning tastes of the travelers today while, at the same time, satisfies the growing need of the local market in this category," Anderson said. "Through the success of the W Honolulu, we have recognized that there is room in the marketplace for a hotel that services a young, successful demographic."

Included in the purchase were 703 rooms, 115,000 square feet of commercial space, a 200,000-square-foot parking garage and open areas overlooking the marina.

Anekona intends to sell off some units at the Ilikai as fee simple condominiums, a trend Anderson has set in several other properties, including the Islander on the Beach on Kauai, the Kauai Beach Resort and the Luana Waikiki.

More than 95 percent of the renovated condo-converted rooms make it back into the hotel pool, he said, a win-win situation for owner-users.

Plans call for a sleeker, more modern tower, landscaped grounds, complete with palm trees, chairs and umbrellas and tables.

With this week's transaction, Marriott no longer manages the hotel. Teri Orton, manager of W-Diamond Head Honolulu, was named as the new manager.

Between 400 to 450 union employees work at the Ilikai. The Ilikai condominium association has 586 members.

Anekona, a family-owned real estate development company, has most recently focused on acquiring, renovating and converting existing Hawaii hotel properties into whole ownership resort condominiums.

W Honolulu is managed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Kauai Beach Resort, another condotel property owned by Anekona, is flagged as a Hilton. The Regency at Beachwalk, meanwhile, is being marketed as "chic living" by the O'Neill Group LLC.

Brian Anderson is the son of D.G. "Andy" Anderson, the owner of John Dominis restaurant.

"We will bring the Ilikai back to its former glory as a front-runner in Waikiki," said Anderson. "I think Chinn Ho and Jack Lord will be smiling."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Shabu Shabu? Now this is cool.....

Sluggo's II, Cafe Paulina, Ban Ban Ramen. Small food/restaurants located in the 1221 Kapiolani building which just so happens to be the location of my business office. The space occupied by the names mentioned could never seem to succeed. When the owners of Ban Ban Ramen told us that they would be trying their hand at a restaurant business in Las Vegas we had no idea who would be the new occupant. Then one day out of the blue, "Shabu Shabu House". what's a "Shabu Shabu"? In no time curiousity led to lunch and dinner at this new eatery. The result? Gotta be one of the cooler restaurants around. Fast, healthy, tasty, and very friendly service. Shabu shabu is gaining popularity in Hawaii as is evidenced by the number of "Shabu Shabu" restaurants popping up all over town. But, "Shabu Shabu House" in the 1221 Kapiolani Building in at least one old man's mind is where "Shabu Shabu" in Hawaii first popped up. Try it soon, I know you'll leave saying, "Now that was cool!!!!"
Kazuyo Matsuzaki delivers platters of thinly-sliced meats and assorted vegetables to patrons' tables.Photo by Randy T. Fujimori

Posted on: Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hot-pot dish boils down to healthy eating

Shabu Shabu House

Where: 1221 Kapiolani Blvd., Ground Floor

Call: 597-1655

Hours: Lunch Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.; dinner nightly from 5 to 10 p.m

Parking: Fully validated

East Oahu resident Tiffany Pestana drives into to town at least once a week to eat at Shabu Shabu House.

"My girlfriend took me here a couple of months ago and now I come here all the time," smiled Pestana, after finishing a plate of thinly-sliced meats and assorted vegetables. "It's healthy food so it's actually helping me stick to my New Year's resolution."

Since opening two years ago, this Kapiolani Boulevard restaurant has helped popularize the traditional Japanese style of cooking known as shabu shabu.

"It took a while for people to discover this method of preparing food," said co-owner Kenny Ikeguchi, shaking his head in disbelief. "They would ask, 'Cook with water? What's this?' But once they tried it, they were hooked."

Simple and healthy, shabu shabu refers to thin slices of beef and vegetables that are dredged in a light, konbu-infused pot of boiling water and then dipped in one of three sauces: ponzu, which is made with rice vinegar, soy sauce and mirin; goma, a sesame-seed-based sauce; or ginger.

Seated at one of four chairs along the curved bar, chiropractor William Kim treated three of his staff members to a lunch of meats and vegetables this past Monday.

"It's great food," gushed Kim, who, like Pestana, frequents this restaurant at least once a week. "The food and flavors are clean and the service is very friendly."

Smiling and politely nodding her head, Kazuyo Matsuzaki — whose husband Toshimitsu co-owns Shabu Shabu — delivered a mound of paper-thin slices of Black Angus prime rib eye and prime kurobuta pork loin, and a plate filled with Kauai shrimp, clams and scallop to the table. (Cost for each platter is $19.95.)

She promptly returned with a small bowl of rice and another platter piled with bok choy, cabbage, udon noodles, tofu and homemade tsukune (a delicate Chinese-style, chicken-and-pork hash).

And the fun began.

Within a minute of pushing a button to fire up the burner, the pot of water came to a rolling boil, bubbling and waiting for the first slices of meats and leaves of bok choy and cabbage to be steeped and swooshed.

In less than 10 seconds, a slice of rib-eye steak was done, followed by a slice of pork loin and bok choy. Within 30 to 45 minutes, the platter was empty, the vegetables eaten, the water at a standstill and the appetite fully satisfied.

Other available set lunch menus include a combination of beef and pork for $9.95, and a beef or pork and shrimp combination for $16.75. (Larger portions are available for $3 more.)

The same menus are available in the evening, with prices jumping $2 more across the board and an additional $4 for larger portions.

"Once people try our shabu shabu, they always come back," Ikeguchi said. "We've got a lot of regulars now

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

For the select few this is real cool.....

As a trombone player I was always amazed and green with envy to see people like former Tower of Power horn player Mic Gillette pick up his trumpet, play a few notes and then switch to his slide trombone with little or no effort. What's amazing is that Mic Gillette played a slide trombone and then a trumpet with valves. Big deal you say, but consider this. Learning to play something with valves and then something with a slide can literally make you crazy don't you think? In my younger days I did make such an attempt, but trying to remember the trumpet fingering made me real frustrated. It was totally un-cool for me. It was practically like learning a totally different instrument. Fellow Greenwood member Mark Silva can play a trumpet and a valve trombone and he doesn't seem to have any problems with that, but then again it was going from valves to valves. But then isn't there a problem of the mouthpiece? From small to big you would think there would be some adjustment problems. But ah.....the solution to all slide trombone players who are never satisfied with just playing the slide trombone. The answer? The slide trumpet!!!! Now that's cool!!!! Here's something taken from Mal Webb's website ( Good read on something real cool for any trombone player. Hey.....that includes me!!! Very, very cool.

Here's a picky of me (Mal Webb) going nuts on my ever faithful Jupiter slide trumpet. Yes, it does look like a trombone, but if it were a trombone, I'd be a giant! It's really just a trumpet (same mouthpiece, length and bore) that instead of having valves to make the tube longer, it has a slide. There is such a thing as a soprano trombone, which apparently has a larger bore, mouthpiece and price tag than a slide trumpet. In the days before valves there was the soprano sackbutt (the sackbutt being the precurser of the trombone). The slide trumpet is now rarely played with any serious intent: The only player of note that I know of is in a band called Sex Mob. Oh, and James Morrison plays one that has both valves and a slide! The Jupiter Slide Trumpet is the only one I've found available and at only $300, it's the kind of instrument that people buy as a novelty and never get around to playing. For the trombonists, I should mention that 5th position is at the bell (rather than 4th) and the positions change when you change the tuning slide, which keeps things entertaining. To cut down on cases when travelling, I've managed to fit my slide trumpet into my guitar case, which required me hacking off the end of my guitar's headstock, giving it a lovely flying V appearance (which Doug DeVries tells is a bit of a modern trend in guitar making... how hip am I? By mistake, of course).

Seawind revisited......

What could be cooler on the July 4th holiday than a walk down memory lane with some cool pictures courtesy Blue Johnson from Seawind's official website out Seawind's official website for more cool stuff.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Press Release for Dolphin Days 2006.....a bit late, but.......

My friend Owen Matsui, cool bass player/drummer, just came back from the Hilton Waikoloa Village where he and his family got to watch some really cool musicians in action. Here's the official press release from the Hilton Waikoloa Village. Check out the lineup. Now that's real, real cool.

Leanne Pletcher Meredith Wertz
Marketing Manager Marketing/P.R. Coordinator
Hilton Waikoloa Village Hilton Waikoloa Village
(808) 886-2860 (808) 886-2867


Jeffrey Osborne, Rick Braun, and Brenda Russell “Jazz Up” Hilton Waikoloa Village’s Dolphin Days Celebration
Tickets still available for the 12th Annual Dolphin Days Summer Fest, June 22 – 25, 2006

KOHALA COAST, HAWAII’S BIG ISLAND (June 13, 2006) - The Great Waikoloa Food, Wine & Music Festival on Saturday, June 24 will be held on the Palace Lawn beneath the stars- and with the stars themselves. Jeffrey Osborne, Rick Braun, and Brenda Russell join legendary talent for one magical night of stellar performances.

This smooth jazz concert is the highlight of the 12th annual Dolphin Days Summer Fest held June 22 - 25 at Hilton Waikoloa Village. The Great Waikoloa Food, Wine & Music Festival also features culinary specialties; numerous wine, beer and spirit purveyors; a benefit silent auction; and one of the most dramatic firework displays in the Pacific.

The following is a preview of the jazz legends and musicians who will take the spotlight at The Great Waikoloa Food, Wine & Music Festival as the Dolphin Days All Star Band.


Jeffrey Osborne
Jeffrey Osborne, an American funk and R&B musician, started his musical career in 1969 as a drummer in the band Love Men Ltd. He eventually became the lead singer in the same band, later known as L.T.D. (Love, Togetherness and Devotion). Hits from this band include “Every Time I Turn Around (Back in Love Again)” and “(Holdin’ On) When Love is Gone.” In 1982, Osborne began his first-rate solo career and released his debut self-titled album, which featured the hit single “On the Wings of Love.” Over the years Osborne released five gold and platinum albums and multiple pop, jazz and soul chart toppers such as “Stay With Me Tonight,” which played in the 1984 movie Splash. Osborne recently released an album of soul songs from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, titled From the Soul, which includes pieces by Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder.

Rick Braun – trumpet
Rick Braun started playing the trumpet at eight years old and composing songs at age ten. Today, this successful musician is a trumpet phenomenon, composer/arranger, producer and record label co-owner. Braun’s first song, “Here With Me,” was written with Kevin Cronin for REO Speedwagon and became a Top 20 hit. Other hits include “Kisses in the Rain,” “Middle of the Night,” and “Grazin’ in the Grass.” Braun has received several awards from “Artist of the Year” to “Song of the Year” and “#1 Smooth Jazz Record of the Year.” Over the years, he has recorded and performed with an eclectic mix of musicians including Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Natalie Cole, Sade, Tom Petty, and Crowded House. Braun’s latest CD, Yours Truly, features a diversity of engaging arrangements from rock and soul to funk and love themes.

Brenda Russell – vocals
Singer and songwriter Brenda Russell is the author of several chart topping tunes such as “Piano in the Dark,” “If Only For One Night,” and the popular anthem “Get Here.” Russell has the talented ability to incorporate a wide range of musical influences, shift between musical genres and combine styles. She made a nationwide splash by co-writing the music and lyrics to the Broadway musical The Color Purple in 2005. Other projects pursued by Russell include co-writing “Justice of the Heart” with Stevie Wonder and co-composing “She Walks This Earth” that was later recorded by Sting for an all-star tribute album that eventually earned him a Grammy® award. Superstar artists who have recorded Russell’s songs include Mary J. Blige, Ray Charles, Luther Vandross, and Bob Dylan.

Michael Paulo - musical director & saxophone
This is Michael Paulo's tenth year performing at Dolphin Days. Hawaii's own soulful saxophonist, composer/producer, and president of Noteworthy Records, Paulo was born in Honolulu into Hawaii's famous multi-talented Paulo family. He is known as one of the most versatile and cosmopolitan saxophonists in pop, soul, and contemporary jazz with a career of over 25 years. Over the last two decades, Paulo has lent his “saxpertise” to such artists as Al Jarreau, Kenny Loggins, Jeffrey Osborne, Oleta Adams, David Benoit, Rick Braun, and more. In 2001, Paulo won a Na Hoku Hanohano award for best jazz album for his "Sax for Christmas" album. Through his numerous contacts in the music business, Paulo has been instrumental in bringing world class talented musicians to Hilton Waikoloa Village over the last decade.

Pauline Wilson-McClees - vocals
Pauline Wilson, known as Hawaii's own "Big Island girl," returns to an impressive jazz lineup, contributing her sultry, powerful and pristine voice. Wilson, born and raised in Hakalau just outside of Hilo, is the only Grammy® award-winner from Hawaii and is lead singer for the jazz/fusion band, Seawind. Wilson has been a featured vocalist for the last ten years of the festival and is arguably one of the best female jazz vocalists in Hawaii.

Clifford Coulter
Master keyboardist, vocalist, celebrated songwriter and recording artist Clifford Coulter has performed around the world, mesmerizing fans with his one-man-show and passion for down-home blues. He was awarded "best keyboardist/organist" at the South Bay Blues Festival and is an annual performer in Bangkok, Thailand, Amsterdam, Holland and at the renowned
Monterey Blues Festival.

Margo LeDuc – vocalist
The dynamic and soulful vocal styling of international artist Margo LeDuc makes her one of the most sought after performers in the music industry. Her unique sound and versatility have given her the opportunity to perform with The Gap Band, The Manhattans, Bobby McFerrin, and Pete Escovedo. She has opened for Jay Leno and performed for Vice President Al Gore and the King and Queen of Norway. LeDuc also does session work and is a Professional Vocal Coach. She is currently touring, performing, and teaching all over the world.

Dolphin Days All-Star Band

Sergio Gonzales – drums
Sergio Gonzales has played with numerous groups throughout his musical career, providing the backdrop beat so important to musical composition. He has toured with Jennifer Lopez's "J. Lo" Band. His ensemble of expertise ranges from jazz to world music, and those sounds are sure to resonate at his fifth appearance at Dolphin Days.

Michito Sanchez - percussion
Michito Sanchez has emerged as one of Los Angeles' top studio and live percussionists. He has a unique ability to create an atmosphere of music from the Amazon or just groove on a shaker or cowbell. Sanchez also applies his knowledge of Conga drum techniques to other world percussion instruments, simplifying or intensifying intricate world beat rhythms to fit in today's sound of pop, rock, R & B, hip-hop and jazz. Aside from the standard, Sanchez has gathered hundreds of percussion instruments from around the globe which he utilizes with a virtuosity that enhances any musical arrangement. Sanchez has played and recorded with outstanding artists such as the Rolling Stones, Bruce Hornsby, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Elton John, Boz Scaggs, Dave Koz, Eric Benet, Kenny Loggins, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Eikichi Yazawa and countless other top name acts. Sanchez returns to Hilton Waikoloa Village for the third time as member of the Dolphin Days All Star Band.

Gregg Karukas- keys
Gregg Karukas, a top fusion and studio player from Maryland, has the talent to write an assortment of songs in a variety of styles. From eclectic jazz to Brazilian music to smooth hypnotic grooves, Karukas has the reputation as a solid keyboardist. Karukas has performed with Patti Austin, Peter White, The Pointer Sisters, Shelby Flint, Ronnie Laws, and Brenda Russell. His string of Top 5 radio hits includes “Nightshift,” “Summerhouse,” “Key Witness,” “Sound of Emotion,” and his 1998 breakout label debut “Blue Touch.”

Monte Seward- keys
This is Monte Seward’s debut performance at the Dolphin Days Summer Fest. He is an extremely gifted artist, in both vocals and keyboards.

Kimaya Seward- vocals
Kimaya Seward is a talented performer and the lead singer in the band Hiroshima. This is her first appearance at Dolphin Days.

Dwayne “Smitty” Smith- bass
Dwayne Smith, known to most as “Smitty,” started playing bass at the age of 12. Smitty’s funky-groove style was influenced by artists such as Larry Graham and Parliament Funkadelic. He has toured, recorded, and performed with artists from all genres of music from Will Downing, Natalie Cole, Keith Washington, and Teena Marie to Deniece Williams, James Ingram, Tom Jones, and The Isley Brothers. Smitty is also the producer and musical director of the Starlight Jazz Serenade, an annual benefit concert held in Los Angeles, showcasing current top jazz artists and supporting Hands for Hope, a non-profit organization that aids underprivileged youth.

Fred Schreuders- guitar
Fred Schreuders began his musical career at age four when he learned to play the ukulele. He has over 43 years of experience as a guitarist and vocalist. Schreuders has recorded and performed with talented artists such as Michael Paulo, David Benoit, Pauline Wilson, James Ingram, Freddie Washington, and The Supremes. He is currently concentrating on his own compositions, collaborating with long term work associate Dave Inamine, drummer David Durge, and guest bassist Edwin Livingston.

Blue Johnson- manager
Blue Johnson has served the music business as a tour/production/artist manager for over 35 years. After spending six years with the legendary Seawind, six years with Al Jarreau and years touring the world with countless platinum recording artists, Johnson settled in Bangkok, Thailand, where he promoted and produced international concerts for the Thai and S.E. Asian markets. Blue has also released two world-music CD's of his own and now maintains residency in both L.A. and Thailand.

The Dolphin Days Summer Fest event benefits the Hawaii Shriners Hospital for Children and the Pacific Marine Life Foundation. Over the past eleven years, Dolphin Days at Hilton Waikoloa Village has donated over $450,000 to these two highly deserving organizations.

Presale tickets for The Great Waikoloa Food, Wine & Music Festival are $140 for adults through June 15. Tickets purchased after June 15 are $150. Children's tickets for ages 5 - 12 are $75. Tickets include unlimited food, beverages and entertainment. To make reservations call the hotel direct at 808-886-1234 and ask for restaurant reservations.

Tickets are available at Mele Kai Music, Kona Brewing Company, Kona Wine Market, Waikoloa Village Market, and the Kohala Essence Shop in the Main Lobby of Hilton Waikoloa Village. There will also be a Special Events Desk in the Main Lobby of Hilton Waikoloa Village for ticket purchase and will-call ticket pick-up starting Tuesday, June 20.

To purchase tickets online, make room reservations, check out photos from last year’s event, learn more about Dolphin Days and the benefiting charities, or check the event schedule for information visit

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