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Timmy Chang Again....a Little Over-kill don't you think?

Good to see this on our hometown hero. He's got a chance you would think. Cool stuff. Looks like we'll be rooting for them Eagles this year. Cool!!!

Posted on: Thursday, May 25, 2006
Chang learns from baptism under Fire

By Michael Preston
Special to The Advertiser

Tim Chang had a steady season with the Rhein Fire, adjusting to taking snaps from under center.

DUSSELDORF, Germany — NFL Europe has been a learning experience for Tim Chang.

He has learned to forget the role he once played as a starter and a star.

He has learned that his future on the football field, for the time being, will be on the sidelines. At least he hopes for that much.

Unaccustomed to watching a teammate start under center while he waits patiently for playing time, the former University of Hawai'i and NCAA record-setter spent the spring settled into the job of No. 2 quarterback for the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe.

When he arrives at mini camp with the Philadelphia Eagles next month he will have a new target: No. 3.

Chang split time during the 10-week NFL overseas venture with former Michigan star Drew Henson, slated to be the backup to Drew Bledsoe with the Dallas Cowboys for the 2006 NFL season. Henson emerged as the team leader, Chang as a reliable substitute, playing perhaps a quarter of each game.

"I knew the situation I was coming to and knew I had to win a backup role and from there move forward," Chang said Saturday after the Fire's final game of the season, in which he played no part. "It is definitely different being a backup compared with being a starter, but from my point of view I enjoyed the role and just made the most of it.

"The opportunity to come here and play some football and become a better player and take this all back with me means it was worth coming out here and a lot more."

The Eagles, having signed Jeff Garcia to back up Donovan McNabb, might regard Chang as a cheaper salary cap alternative to 10-year veteran Koy Detmer when it comes to filling their third quarterback spot. That coupled with Chang's steady play for the Fire — 50 of 89 for 659 yards, four touchdowns and three interceptions — could find him a home in Philadelphia.

"That's their decision," he said of the Eagles, who sent him to Europe to gain experience in a pro offense. "I'm going to make it tough on them and perform and throw the ball well and do what I can to make the roster. Right now all I can concentrate on is myself and doing well and getting stronger and learning the system so I can play in some preseason games."

Chang's downfall, at least in the opinion of analysts who critiqued his Rhein Fire performances on the NFL Network, will be his preference to operate from the shotgun as he did in college. His arm strength, explosiveness and leadership are proven qualities that shone on limited occasion in Rhein. When lined up under center in a more conventional setup, he took one more step toward becoming an NFL quarterback.

"I'm a lot better than I was and I'm feeling more comfortable the more snaps I get," he said. "That's why I came out here, to put together parts of my game that need to be worked on and just become a better player.

"I didn't actually set myself goals in terms of stats and playing time. I just tried to make the most of my opportunity. I thought I did that."

The Fire closed a frustrating season with a 6-4 record having burned out after a blazing 4-0 start made them odds-on favorites to reach this Saturday's World Bowl XIV. Two 7-3 teams, the Frankfurt Galaxy and Amsterdam Admirals will instead play for the championship.

While those two remaining teams bid for glory, Chang will make the long trek home, eager to reacquaint himself with Hawai'i and his family. The industrial German city of Dusseldorf that was his home for three months will become a distant but pleasurable memory.

"I'll go home with my girlfriend and meet up with my son. We're very happy to be here and sad to leave, but we're pleased to be going home, too.

"My girlfriend was here for a while, but my son is back at home and I haven't seen him for almost six months. I'm badly missing him and I can't wait to get home and see him. He'll be a lot bigger now.

"This was an experience that I'll always remember. The culture is very different. I'm halfway across the world and I never imagined I'd be in Germany some day. The best thing is the friendships that I made on this trip. I'll always remember these guys that I've played with."

Football will always remember Tim Chang. But will it be for the NCAA records he set at home in Hawai'i, or is his true legacy yet to be written in the NFL in Philadelphia? Only the Eagles coaches can tell.


Former Warriors cornerback Abraham Elimimian will start in the Amsterdam Admirals secondary in World Bowl XIV.

Allocated to NFL Europe by the Chicago Bears, the native of Nigeria posted 32 tackles, leads the team with seven passes defended, has one interception and is a special teams standout.

Elimimian's 12 career interceptions at UH rank second in school history.

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Have you had your portugese sausage today??

Just a little private joke between a businessman and his accountant. Hahahaha! It's not about portugese sausage or stuff but the man behind local band, the Waiahole Ditch Band. Just so happens that the new owner of Gouveia's Sausages is none other than the brains behind the Waiahole Ditch Band. Here's John Berger's review of the band's first CD release. I like the sounds that Bill Atherton and his Waiahole Ditch Band put out. Cool stuff!!!!!

Island Mele

Friday, January 26, 2001

By John Berger

Jam session style works on album

Waiahole Ditch Band:
By Waiahole Ditch Band (Atherton Pacific Productions APP-042)

IMAGINE guys jamming on someone's back porch. That's the "let's go for it" ambience of the Waiahole Ditch Band. The group plays originals and remakes with equal zest in a style reminiscent of the many acoustic rock groups of the '70s. The band is also plugged into contemporary island music in using Jamaican rhythms to deliver a message about land use and water rights in "Waiahole Ditch Band (Down In The Ditch)."
"Malama Ka Aina" likewise addresses nationalist issues and decries greed-driven development and the destruction of rural communities.

The casualness of jamming may explain why the album art shows four guys but the credits list five members plus two "guest musicians" and two "new editions." Whoever they are this week the Waiahole Ditch Band will please fans of local acoustic rock.

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Timmy Chang's European Adventure......

There is perhaps nobody in Hawaii sports with the same name recognition as Timmy Chang. This spring Timmy was allocated to the Rhein Fire in the NFLE. Here Timmy answers some questions asked of him. Seems like Hawaii isn't the only place where Timmy has made a name for himself. Rookie mini-camp with the Philadelphia Eagles begins this Thursday, May 25, 2006. We're all pulling for you Timmy!!! Hawaii No Ka Oi!!! Now that's cool!!!

Timmy Chang replies

May 16, 2006
NFL Europe

Timmy Chang answers your questions. (
Last week we invited NFL Europe fans to send in questions to be answered by Rhein Fire quarterback Timmy Chang. The Philadelphia Eagles allocated passer has picked some questions to answer, including enquiries about his favorite quarterbacks, his memories of Europe and the transition from the run and shoot to a pro-style offense.

Dear Timmy:
I saw you play the other night and thought you played great. You really made plays. I could see you being the next Doug Flutie. What quarterback present or past, do you think you are the most like? I think you would be great with the Eagles or some other team.
Good luck.
Austin Braksick, 7 Backbone Rd, Sewickley, PA 15143

I try to think of myself and have my on game, but one quarterback that I did look up to was Joe Montana. I’m not saying that I have the qualities that Joe did, but I grew up watching him. He was my childhood idol. If it was anybody that I’d like to be like it has to be Joe, but right now I’m nowhere close to that. It’s a lot more learning for me to do.

Do you think the experience of playing in the NFLEL will help you make the Philly roster or latch on to another team. I wish you the best of luck and hope someone will give you a shot at making a team and playing in the near future.
Daniel Takata, Sacramento, California

I really think that NFL Europe has really helped me getting experience and it has helped me to learn the game. I’ve gotten so much more time, so many more reps and much more visual time. It’s definitely helped me and it’s going to help me make a team depending on what they need. Hopefully I can spark the interest in one coach that’s willing to give me an opportunity. Right now hopefully the Philadelphia Eagles like what they have in me. When it comes to August hopefully I can latch on to a team.

Hi Timmy,
After Nick Rolovich, you are the second Alumni from Hawaii to play quarterback for the Rhein Fire. Did you follow his career in Europe and if so, did it influence your willingness to come over to NFL Europe?
Eiko Pate, Neuss, Germany

Nick and I are good friends. When he heard that I got signed to the Rhein Fire he was the first one to give me a call. He called me last week, but I just haven’t gotten back to him. He’s a great friend of mine and it just so happened that both of us ended up on the Rhein Fire. I played behind him my sophomore year and he’s just one of those great guys. Hopefully we can keep the Hawaii tradition going.

If you where to take some food, a none-football memory and an item home with you from Europe, what would it be?
Chris Elliott Glasgow Scotland UK

I would have to say all the life-long friends and experience of seeing this different culture. It’s a different culture and I’ve enjoyed everything. Building the new relationships with my teammates is what I’ll remember the most. I’m never going to forget about all the trains and subways that I’ve taken since I’ve been here.

What does the Philadelphia Eagles organization, and more particularly, Andy Reid, say about your recent outstanding performances?
Clifford T. Mito (originally from Kailua) Las Vegas, NV

I haven’t talked to them, but hopefully they saw the game and they liked what I did out there. I could have done a lot of things better, because there is always room for improvement.

What’s the tougher part of being the "relief pitcher" for the Fire, the mental or the physical part?
Rick Jank, Pensacola, Florida.

Nothing at all. I feel for Drew, because when you’re the starter there is nothing that builds up more than pressure. When you are the back up you don’t feel all of that pressure. When you’re the back up if you’re ahead you put more points on the board. If you’re behind put more points on the board and get the lead. It’s just like a clean up picture.

Chang is more used to playing in a run-and-shoot offense. (
How have you been transitioning to a "pro-style" offense? Have you been adapting better under center, now that you've had the opportunity to run more reps and get the system down? Do you prefer playing in a "Pro-Style" offense (balanced pass/run attack), or playing in a Run N' Shoot/Shotgun (pass dominant) scheme?
Ron Mattice, Plant City, FL

I’m used to the run and shoot so it would be more comfortable for me to be in the run and shoot. But the pro style offense is what I’m going to have to be playing in and there’s not going to be another run and shoot offense for me in the near future. So that’s what I need to get use to. You come to NFL Europe to learn and continue to get better.

I was just wondering how you are doing in Europe and how does playing in the European league compare to your past playing experience?
Daniel Miyasato, Honolulu, HI 96819

It’s been a great experience. I haven’t been the back up for a while, so it’s definitely a different perspective. I sat out a year, so I was real hungry coming up here. Whenever you’re playing the game of football you’re having fun out there. I’ve been having a lot of fun.

What do you think you need to improve the most on as a quarterback?
Justin Gholston, Tampa, Florida

I need to complete every ball, being perfect, doing the right things. I have to make the right reads, take the biggest drops known to man and really just be the overall quarterback that controls the game.

Does the game seem faster playing out of college?
Marty Asmus, Carlsbad, CA 92009

The game is much faster. All of these guys are great athletes from college who just needed an opportunity. The guys are obviously good out here.

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Is it Official?? Courtesy Superman Irwin....

From ContemporaryJazz.Com

Another review from ContemporaryJazz.Com of Grammy and Hoku nominated jazz instrumentalist, Sugartown Record's Aaron Aranita. I like what my good friend Heminway Jasmin has to say about Aaron, "He's a monster!"

Aaron Aranita
Don't Stop The Feeling
[Sugartown Records]
Review by LB
Date: Oct, 2005 [14 Tracks 74:52 Total-Spin-Time]

This cd is for those who are looking for a taste of retro with a hint of Brazilian influenced jazz. “Don’t Stop the Feeling” is a collection of sorts. It spans the years of 1987-2005 and includes several tracks from Aranita’s “Eastbound” album. All 14 tracks are original music by Aranita. Since I had never heard of him, this project was a great introduction for me into his music genius.

Aaron Aranita is a superb alto and soprano sax player who even dabbles a little with flutes, keyboards, programming and clarinets. The music covers a wide range of moods due to it spanning three decades. Listeners are given the opportunity to sample different styles of arrangements, which include fusion, contemporary and smooth style of jazz. Even though it took over 17 years to get this project put together, everyone’s playing on the music sounds fresh and dynamic. There are many talented guest musicians with notable mention going out to Valery Ponomarev on trumpet and Peter Horvath on keyboards.

There is a lot of music to digest here, which is always good. “Don’t Stop the Feeling” is Aaron’s attempt to spread love, harmony, and peace through his music and this listener feels he has accomplished that mission.

Visit, Aaron Aranita web space: aaron'sjazz

Listen & Purchase - ©2005, 2006 | jordan music group
website design & maintained by JMG

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Cool Stuff.......

Monday, May 15, 2006

Chang to get shot as Eagles' No. 3 QB

By Bob Brookover
Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA — As the Philadelphia Eagles went through another mundane day at their post-draft passing camp, Timmy Chang tried to forge his way into their 2006 plans from across the ocean.

In Hamburg, Germany, the former University of Hawai'i star and the all-time NCAA passing yardage leader made his first start at quarterback since he led the Warriors to a wild 59-40 victory over Alabama-Birmingham in the Hawai'i Bowl on Dec. 24, 2004.

In his collegiate finale, Chang threw for 405 yards and four touchdowns in coach June Jones' run-and-shoot offense. In Germany yesterday, neither the numbers — 14 for 26 for 164 yards and no touchdowns — nor the result — a 13-10 Rhein Fire loss to the Hamburg Sea Devils — were nearly as impressive.

A week earlier, however, Chang came on in relief of Rhein starter Drew Henson, who suffered a knee injury in a game against the Frankfurt Galaxy, and threw a couple of touchdown passes.

Despite yesterday's disappointing performance, Chang apparently has shown enough this spring in NFL Europe. He will get an opportunity at training camp this summer to become the Eagles' No. 3 quarterback behind Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia.

"We like him," Eagles general manager Tom Heckert said. "If he tones down his mistakes, I think he's got a chance. I really do. The kid has tons of records, and he's shown the ability to play. He has to do it at this level, but I think he's got a chance. He's not going to be just a camp body."

Chang received brief looks as an undrafted rookie free agent with the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions last summer. The 24-year-old has discovered that his 17,072 college passing yards and 117 touchdowns are a guarantee of nothing at the professional level.

"That whole year was pretty different," Chang said by telephone Friday from the Fire's training headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany. "I went from playing football for a long time to just completely sitting out. It didn't seem like I got much of a shot in Arizona."

Heckert said Chang should get a shot with the Eagles this summer.

"Andy (Reid) always lets them play in the preseason, so that will be big for him," Heckert said. "I think he'll at least make somebody's practice squad."

Chang, who first auditioned for the Eagles over the winter, said he was thankful for the chance to play in NFL Europe after his inactive fall.

"I take nothing for granted at this point," he said. "I appreciate any experience I can get. Last year was a big eye-opener."

Chang, at 6-foot-1 and just over 200 pounds, knows he is considered small by today's NFL quarterback standards. He also knows that there is a belief that he cannot play in a conventional NFL offense after working exclusively from the shotgun at Hawai'i.

Heckert said one of the reasons the Eagles allocated Chang to NFL Europe was that they wanted him to get used to taking snaps from under center.

"We talked to the coaches over there, and they said it was a problem because he wasn't used to doing it," Heckert said. "But now, he's doing a lot better with it. He's athletic and he's got a strong arm. The kid makes plays. In college, he was a little wild and threw some interceptions, too."

He threw 80 interceptions at Hawai'i, which is an NCAA record he probably would rather not remember.

"There's a lot of stereotypes," Chang said. "It's all about proving what you can do. You can name a lot of guys who were undersized. Joe Montana was undersized (6-2), and he was the best in the game. There are other aspects you have to have, and I think I have so much more to offer."

Heckert said it was Chang's competitiveness that impressed the Eagles as much as anything when he auditioned for them.

"He threw the ball very well, and we were impressed by the kind of guy he is," Heckert said. "He's just a competitor and the kind of guy you want to play quarterback."

If Chang does beat the odds and make the roster this summer, it would likely be at the expense of Koy Detmer, who has been with the Eagles since 1997. That would be interesting because Chang broke the NCAA yardage record held by Detmer's brother, Ty.

In addition to being a backup to McNabb, Detmer has also been kicker David Akers' holder since 1999. Interestingly, punter Dirk Johnson is holding as often as Detmer at this minicamp.

A bad sign for Detmer?

"There's competition at every spot," Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said when asked about Chang's chances. "That's good for the team."

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Now this is real cool!!! Way to go TC!!!!

Posted on: Sunday, May 7, 2006
Chang passes for 2 TDs in Rhein Fire loss

Associated Press

Former University of Hawai'i quarterback Tim Chang was impressive, despite the Rhein Fire's 16-14 loss to the host Frankfurt Galaxy in an NFL Europe football game Saturday.

Chang was 15 of 19 for 170 yards and two touchdowns for the Fire (5-3).

David Kimball made a 23-yard field goal with 2 seconds left to give Frankfurt the victory.

Former Montana quarterback Craig Ochs was 18 of 32 for 171 yards and a touchdown, and Roger Robinson gained 144 yards on 20 carries for the Galaxy (6-2).

The Galaxy meet Amsterdam (6-2) this week in a battle of the two teams atop the standings.

Chang, who plays behind Rhein starting quarterback Drew Henson, has completed 38 of 63 passes for 495 yards with four touchdowns and three interceptions this season.

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More 70s Nightclub Reunion Pics Courtesy of the Superman himself.....

Not Jazz but Cool & Tropical for sure......

One of the most storied athletes to come out of Hawaii is Timmy Chang. Breaking all sorts of NCAA records you would've thought that he'd at least have a shot with the NFL. For whatever the reason it just didn't happen, but, here's Timmy in Europe playing with the NFLE. Here's a photo of Timmy with his all too famous number fourteen on his jersey and a small write-up. Keep up the great work Timmy!!!! Timmy in the NFL??? Now that would be real cool!!!!!

Tim Chang passes for 141 yards in NFL Europe win
Posted By:

Former University of Hawai'i quarterback Timmy Chang passed for 141 yards and two quick-strike touchdowns in the Rhein Fire's 27-24 victory over the Berlin Thunder in an NFL Europe game last weekend.

Chang subbed in for starter Drew Henson (Dallas Cowboys) on the Fire's first possession in the 2nd quarter. Chang's first pass attempt came on 2nd and 2 on their own 28 yard line, and went for a 52-yard gain. After a holding penalty on a rushing play was called, resulting in 1st and 20 on the 30-yd line, Chang lined up in his familiar shotgun and threw a 30-yd TD pass to Chris Samp (Carolina Panthers), putting the Rhein up 7-0. The 80-yd drive took only 3 plays and 1:47 off the clock.

In their 2nd possession of the 2nd quarter, Chang went 1-3, ending the possession with an interception. Berlin did not score on their ensuing possession.

On the Rhein's next possession, Chang led the team on a quick score, starting with a 15-yard completion to the Berlin 44, then on the next play he completed a 44-yard TD pass down the right sideline to Kendrick Starling (Houston Texans). The two-play 59-yard drive took only 47 seconds, and put the Rhein up 14-0.

Chang was replaced during the next possession after recovering his own fumble, and did not return to the game.

Chang, playing just the 2nd quarter, completed 4 of 6 passes for 141 yards, 2 TD's and one interception, with a game passing rating of 109.7.

Chang, the NCAA career passing yardage record-holder, is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles who has been assigned to the NFL Europe.

Rhein is 5-2, Berlin 2-4-1. Amsterdam leads the league at 6-1.

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A Bit Dated but Courtesy of Superman Irwin......

the 70s Nightclub Reunion official door man, here's some pictures from his website. Neat pictures.....I mean cool pictures!!!! Man, does Irwin have some collection of photos or what. Will post more at a later date. I say Superman Irwin is the official 70s Nightclub Reunion official door man for life or as long as we can still play!!!!

The Greenwood Horn Section............

With the addition of Steve Matsumoto of the band H2O as a third trumpet player, the Greenwood horn section is officially at six. I have yet to hear H20 play, but if the way Steve plays is any indication, H20 the band must smoke!!!!! Cool!!!!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chris Mann Reviews Aaron's Newest CD

Don’t Stop the Feeling by Aaron Aranita – reviewed by Chris Mann

I have been privileged to review two CD’s by Hawaiian multi-instrumentalist Aaron Aranita on this site. This latest release contains tracks from the “Eastbound” CD, together with sessions recorded in 1989 and 2004/5, and is a musical resumé for this talented guy.

The pretty latin dancer Jazzamba is a fresh opener featuring some lovely clarinet work. In some parts the timing is not rock-solid but that just seems to reinforce the “live” feel which adds to its charm. I feel like I’m hearing two trumpets here – and they’re both fantastic. A flute plays and I’m captured. Dance, dance, dance! Kekaha is a funky instrumental which again has a nice, loose “live” feel. I especially like Anthony King’s drumming on here and also Bill Valaire’s jazz-rock guitar solo which in a way shouldn’t work but which fits perfectly.

The same very natural feel is there on You are a Dream. This beautiful ballad is from one of the later sessions and the dreamy sax is augmented by superb piano and very well chosen string samples. I found the drum sound on Never Say Never and the multi-tracked sax a little tiring. Yes, the carnival atmosphere is captured but there is so much going on I find it hard to get involved.

Aranita brings the clarinet, sax and flute alternately to the fore on the lilting and lovely Where the Wind Blows. This has a romantic and old-fashioned feeling and I can imagine this on a movie soundtrack (oh, here he goes again about movies…). I’m not convinced that the sound balance is completely right here - maybe if the percussion were lower in the mix and the rhythm guitar more forward the whole thing would hang together just a little better. The sax on Deception sounds a little too live if that’s possible. It’s not an easy sound to get to grips with, but the vibraphone sound is great. Once we get to the Caldera-style jazz-rock breakdown I’m hooked! It’s an intense song.

For my comments on the funky Is it You, see my review of “Eastbound”. Listening again, the bright synths and drum programming could only have come from the 1980’s. The song avoids sounding harsh though and I love the chord progressions. Ulterior Motives is a very energetic jazz-rock workout from 1989 and I could draw parallels with Caldera and other very technical bands such as Casiopea and Mezzoforte. Sax and piano are blazing on this crisp, busy instrumental. Victor Gonzalez on bass and Anthony King on drums forge a rhythm section that leaves you breathless!

For my comments on the songs Far Eastern Standard Time, Sugartown and Eastbound, please refer to my “Eastbound” review.

I love the bluesy and atmospheric Ellingtonian. It’s a very melodic tune featuring just alto sax, piano and bass, and the tempo is very slow. The acoustic is huge – this really is a beautiful recording. This is one of the newer tracks, recorded during 2004/5, and it is a great example of Aranita’s development as a composer, artist and producer. Party for Alto is an offbeat, funky latin tune which takes a couple of spins to get comfortable with. Despite the busy rhythm, that clean-as-a-whistle sax is the star. This will make you long for summer…

To close this varied set, the bright and upbeat Don’t Stop the Feeling is a nice choice. I wish a real guitar had been used in the intro but once the song gets rolling, the solid bass and a very snappy snare drum keep things moving while sax and keys swap solos. The horn works better than the keys for me – I’ve realised that I’ve become a fan of Mr Aranita’s superb, clean tone.

As a chronicle, a “where am I up to now?”, this set is very successful. It’s interesting in that it shows how the contemporary jazz idiom has changed in just less than 20 years but, more importantly, it shows how this multi-talented Hawaiian jazzman has progressed in every area.

Once again, I find myself apologising publicly to Aaron for the time I have taken to write this review. I’ve read that more new music is on its way and I’ll be very excited to hear it.

Sugartown Records – SR2002 Producer – Aaron Aranita, Executive Producer – Michael Chock

Ginai......Jazz Afficiando......

I had the chance to see Ginai in person for the first time live last Monday at the Outrigger Main Showroom where she competed against five other singers in the third round this year's version of Hawaii Stars. Over the years Ginai's name has always appeared somewhere in the Hawaii music scene but I never had the pleasure of seeing her perform in person. I had gone to see my good friend, outstanding professional singer Annette Alcos Oasay compete and came away very impressed with Annette and Ginai. Here's John Berger's review of Ginai's
self-produced CD that was recently released.
By the way, Annette Alcos Oasay killed 'em with her version of that standard jazz classic "Route 66". Great singing, great entertainment. Now that's cool, real cool!!!!

"Jazz Island"

Island Mele
John Berger

This beautiful album will appeal to jazz purists and sophisticated romantics alike. With the Honolulu Jazz Quartet backing her, and Robert Shinoda sitting in on guitar, Ginai has excellent instrumental support throughout.
Shinoda is featured on the bridge of the title song. Latin rhythms suggest that the titular island may be somewhere in the Caribbean, but the lyrics connect it squarely to the local jazz scene.

Ginai and the guys do a fine job with an assortment of pop standards. "Them There Eyes" opens the album on a swinging upbeat mood. A languorous arrangement of "Blue Moon" bathes that pop standard in the sweet afterglow of long-anticipated love. A similarly beautiful arrangement of "Pure Butterfly" belies the darkness of the lyrics. "Take Five," performed with the Jon Hendricks lyrics rather than as the well-known Dave Brubeck instrumental, is also memorable.

Ginai completes this perfect musical portrait by sharing the personal significance of each song in her liner notes.

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